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Broken Night (Short Horror Film)

A mother and her daughter are on a leisurely ride across empty, rolling country. The good times are shattered when Mom turns a blind corner and crashes into a deer in the road. The collision sends the van off the road and down into a field where it comes to rest upside down. Miraculously, both of them have survived, but Mom is trapped in the driver’s seat. For hours they remain stuck in the van, Mom vainly calling for help. As dusk comes on, two figures – young boys in coveralls, strangely silent and blank-faced – stride across the field.  What proceeds is the stuff of nightmares.

Broken Night, directed by Guillermo Arriaga, is very well done. The imagery used is absolutely perfect for the story the director is attempting to convey to the viewer. If you’re like me, you’ll also be more than a little creeped out by this film, and you’ll love it.

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