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Before you audition to become a part of our team, please keep the following in mind…


  • We are a business – we produce entertainment to make money, and for the enjoyment of it. 
  • We release just 8 stories per month – there are a lot of amazing stories out there, and we can only accept so many. Unfortunately, this also means that we are limited in how many actors we can cast in roles each month, and it could be some time between jobs. Don’t come to us expecting regular work.
  • Submitting your audition **NOT** guarantee you will be hired, or that your audition will be reviewed in any specific amount of time, or that you will ever get anything other than an automated response. The best way to ensure your audition gets listened to? Follow our guidelines (see below).
  • You will be contacted personally if and only if we are interested in bringing you on board as a member of our team, or if we are interested in utilizing you in future productions in some capacity. Don’t submit expecting a personalized response. Remember: your audition is one of dozens we receive every month.
  • We receive more auditions than we can listen to, so if we don’t respond quickly, or at all, it doesn’t mean you or your audition are terrible. Remember: an actual human being must stop everything they are doing to dedicate time to reviewing your audition.
  • We make hiring and casting decisions as a team, and it takes time for everyone on our executive team to weigh in on auditions. Depending on the time of year and how many auditions we’ve received, it can take a few days to several months to get back to you, if at all. 
  • We make hiring and casting decisions based on business need, not your needs. Yes, we accept auditions year-round, but this doesn’t mean we are in constant need of new talent. We will consider any and everyone who wants to be a part of what we do, but we are not obligated to increase production to help folks find work. If we need you, we will contact you. 
  • 95% of our talent have full-time day jobs apart from CTFDN. Be patient. There’s only so much time in the day, and we can’t guarantee that we’ll respond to anyone in a particular amount of time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Research our brand before your audition
    We’d like to believe that if you’re auditioning to be a part of our team, that you know a thing or two about CTFDN. Nonetheless, read up on us and listen to some of our productions if you haven’t already. Our “New to CTFDN? Listen to these first!” playlist on YouTube is a good place to start. Understand what we do and why before you audition. If we like the sound of your audition and contact you and you sound absolutely clueless about what we do, we will rescind our offer. 
  • Send only your best and most relevant work
    You are auditioning to become a part of a professional storytelling team, with a focus on the horror genre. Send us demo and audition materials that make sense, material that shows your depth and what you’re capable of, and that you’ll be a good fit for the type of narrations we do. If you don’t have material that demonstrates this, produce some, and come back to us when you’re ready. Our door is always open. 
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
    We are not necessarily impressed by lengthy narrations. Fan-favorite narrator/producer Jeff Clement won a spot with us with an audition that was only one minute in length. We are impressed by the quality of your materials, whatever they may be, not their duration. Need some help making sure your stuff sounds top-notch? Check out the “Newbie Guide to Recording” tutorial over at Librivox
  • Provide only clean, clear audio
    Make sure your vocals are clean and clear, free of hisses, pops, background noise, unwanted ambiance, or other digital artifacts. If there is any reason why an audition is rejected more than any other, it is this, and it’s a shame. If you’ve got a great voice, do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve got a great microphone as well, and also a quiet place to record.
  • Always clean up your audio
    Want to make a good impression? Clean up your audio before you send it to us; this goes for both your audition and also for your future, final recordings. Your audition represents you, and no amount of excuses will change our mind if the audio sounds terrible. Again, if you don’t have the time to edit out bad takes, clean up your audio, and send clean vocals, don’t audition. That attitude will cause major problems for us when deadlines are involved.
  • Production is great if you’re a double-threat type of person, but it’s the vocals that matter
    If possible, submit a vocal demo that is raw and unprocessed, with no added effects or musical score added. If you are also a producer and you feel you would make a good addition to our production team as well, that’s great (and be sure to mention you can do both), but if you’re looking to be judged as a voice over performer, be certain your production values are complimenting your already stellar vocal performance, not covering up a lackluster one.
  • Become the characters
    We are not looking for narrators only; we are looking for voice actors, folks capable of bringing characters and stories to life. When you perform your audition piece, whatever it may be, become the characters. Rehearse and repeat as often as necessary, and don’t send your audition until you’re confident we’ll be able to feel your performance. Anyone can read a script; only actors can make them real. We want actors.
  • Follow the script
    We produce stories only after getting permission from the original authors, and though our productions are considered “adaptations” and we may make edits to improve them, we expect our voice over talent to perform their lines as read. No ad libbing, fudging of lines, or inserting or deletion of words is allowed. If you cut corners or suffer from a condition where you cannot read a sentence aloud without making one or more errors, this is not the job for you. We expect all auditions to be free of errors, mispronunciations, stuttering, stammering, awkward pauses, etc. If you can’t be bothered to re-record an audition to correct and edit out mistakes before submitting, we will reject your submission immediately.
  • Use a good, quality microphone to record
    This doesn’t mean the microphone has to be obscenely expensive, but it should at least be a USB condenser microphone or an XLR. Examples of microphones that are NOT acceptable for narration are: headset/gaming microphones, microphones that plug in to your computer’s 3/8″ microphone jack, built-in laptop/computer mics, smartphone mics, and digital pocket recorders. Here are some examples of decent microphones in an affordable price range:

    Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Plug n’ Play
    Blue Snowball Ice
    CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone
    Samson C01UCW Studio USB Mic
    Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone
    Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver Edition
  • a-few-final-disclaimersSo your audition meets our requirements, is formatted correctly, and you still want to proceed? Great! But before you do, bear in mind the following…

    • You will be asked to sign a Multimedia Release Form upon acceptance of your audition.
      The form allows us to legally use the materials you provide to us as part of your assigned projects in order to produce the finished audio productions that we are known for, and to distribute those productions, including for commercial gain, in any way we choose, and our right to distribute the productions in this manner cannot be revoked or infringed upon. If you won’t agree to it, we won’t feature you. End of story.
    • Your provided vocal performances will be used commercially.
      Again, we are a business. We produce stories to make money. If you have a problem with this, or with your content being monetized or displayed alongside advertising, you are not a good fit for us. Our producers spend 10-35 hours producing each story, and we do an amazing job – the end result being that you and your work are promoted in perpetuity at no cost to you – so don’t ask us to do it for free. We appreciate that you see value in our work. 
    • No immediate direct or up-front financial compensation will be provided to you in exchange for your voice acting services, unless otherwise agreed upon.
      Don’t mistake this as meaning “CTFDN doesn’t pay anyone.” We do. However, we are still a new company, and as such, we do not have an enormous budget to pay talent. We do what we can, with what we have, where we are. As such, we do not pay the individuals who perform for us until they have approximately 4 to 5 productions under their belts. This, as everything, is subject to change as CTFDN grows, but at this point, this is the only sustainable means of operation.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
    • You will be credited for your work.
      We will credit you by either your full legal name, or by an assumed name of your choice, if you so prefer. Your name will be listed as the credited narrator (or another part you played) on the website, in any downloadable MP3 ID3 tags, in our video descriptions, and in the YouTube videos themselves. At no point will CTFDN ever attempt to take credit for your performance, even if it has been heavily modified by members of our production team.
    • We allow our performers to use their CTFDN-commissioned audio and the final productions in their demo reels or resumes.
      We do our best to help our performers get noticed and get gigs. As a member of our narrative/voice over acting team, you will always have the right and privelege to use the final copies of our productions as part of your private demo reels or resumes, or on your website as a piece to promote yourself. Though the sale or monetization of these materials by anyone other than CTFDN is prohibited (see more on this below), personal use is fine. 
    • We possess the copyright to the audio productions we release, and you must ask before you can publicly display or distribute them someplace else.
      Incorporating your provided vocals or our finished production into a private resume or demo reel is one thing. Uploading the finished project to your own YouTube channel and monetizing it, or selling the finished track on Amazon/Audible/iTunes, etc. is unacceptable. We own the rights to the final audio adaptation, as well as to any audio produced and provided to us upon commission. The audio and visual versions of any story, as adapted by CTFDN, as well as any raw or processed audio provided by you to us, will be under copyright to Chilling Entertainment, LLC, and you will have no right to distribute the audio/visual versions of it without or express written consent, outside of private use on a resume or demo reel, as previously mentioned. If you upload the content to your YouTube channel or website without asking first, you will be in violation of our rights and you will be asked to cease and desist and may not be utilized again in future productions.



    The following are not suggestions – they are requirements!
    Ignore these guidelines and your submission will be rejected.

    Compile your audition audio in a single file and send to us in either HD MP3 (320 kbps) or WAV format. These are the only two acceptable file formats.

    Some audition files are too large to attach; we understand this. In lieu of sending a file directly, you can upload to a service like Google Drive, RapidShare, MediaFire, Dropbox, or Rackspace, and send us a link to the download of the file as well, if that works better for you.

    Word it as follows:

    STEP  4 – PROVIDE US WITH SOME INFORMATION ABOUT YOU | Include it in the top of your email
    NOTE: Anything with a red asterisk is required. Your submission will be rejected if the information is not provided.

    Your Full Legal Name *
    Your Assumed (or Stage) Name (if any)

    E-mail Address *
    PayPal Email Address (if different)

    Contact Phone Number: *
    Physical Address: *
    Why You’d Like to Become a Part of our Team *
    A Description of Your Primary Motivations for Wanting to Join Us *
    Payment Requirements (if Any)

    Any Additional Comments

    If Under the age of 18, the following information is required:
    Name of Parent/Guardian:
    Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number:
    Parent/Guardian Physical Address:
    Parent/Guardian E-mail Address

    Send all auditions to:
    auditions (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com

    If you don’t get an automated response, your submission may not have come through.  Contact us via our general contact email address instead if that happens, which is questions (at) chillingtalesfordarknights.com. If you did get the response, there is nothing further you need to do.  As stated above, you will be contacted personally if and only if we are interested in utilizing you. Don’t submit expecting a personalized response. Remember: your submission is one of dozens we receive every month.

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our team!