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Before submitting your audition, please read the AUDITION GUIDELINES below.


Submitting your audition to Chilling Tales For Dark Nights does **NOT** guarantee acceptance of your audition, only that we will listen to your audition and reply in a timely manner.  Your audition will be carefully screened and reviewed by all members of our executive production team. Once a determination has been made, we will contact you via e-mail to inform you of our decision, be it acceptance or rejection.

Anyone submitting an audition that is in clear violation of our audition guidelines will have their audition rejected immediately.

If you need to hire our team or its members for commercial work, such as adding music and sound effects to your existing vocals, or otherwise would like to secure our services in a professional capacity, do **NOT** follow the instructions on this page. Instead, email your contact information as well as the name, description, and details of your project to us directly at business (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com. We will then reply to you with a quote for the project.


STEP 1 | Record a 1-2 minute vocals-only audition showcasing your best work – you can read anything you like, be it creepypasta, fairy tales, or your own writings. The content is not the key; quality is. The vocals should be free of any added effects or processing, and should not be complimented by any sound effects or musical scores.

NOTE: If you are also interested in becoming a member of our production team, or you possess other talents, contact us at careers (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com to let us know which skills you possess and that you are interested in working with us.

STEP 2 | Attach your audition recording to your email in either .WAV or 320 kbps .MP3 format (no other formats will be accepted)

STEP 3 | Word your Subject Line as follows: AUDITION SUBMISSION – [FULL NAME HERE]

STEP 4 | Provide the following information at the top of the body of your email:

NOTE: Anything with a red asterisk is required. Your submission will be rejected if the information is not provided.

Your Full Legal Name *
Your Assumed (or Stage) Name (if any)
E-mail Address *
PayPal Email Address (if different)
Contact Phone Number: *
Physical Address: *
Why You’d Like to Become a Part of our Team *
A Description of Your Primary Motivations for Wanting to Join Us *
Payment Requirements (if Any)
Any Additional Comments

If Under the age of 18, the following information is required:
Name of Parent/Guardian:
Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number:
Parent/Guardian Physical Address:
Parent/Guardian E-mail Address

STEP 5 | Email your audition to auditions (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com

STEP 6 | Wait for a reply from our team either approving or rejecting your audition


AUTO-RESPONSE | Upon submitting your audition, you will receive an automated message from us, indicating that we have received your submission and will be hearing from us shortly.

OFFICIAL RESPONSE | Within one week of sending your audition, you will receive an official response from a member of our executive or administrative team, either rejecting your audition (with a brief explanation as to why), or accepting the audition.

NARRATOR QUESTIONNAIRE | In the event of an acceptance, you will be asked to provide additional information about yourself, your equipment, and your abilities, among other things, via an online Narrator Questionnaire.  Your completion of the questionnaire within a timely manner is necessary in order to bring you on as a member of the team. Anyone refusing to provide the prerequisite information will be rejected, as the information is needed in order for our production and casting staff to make informed decisions about who to place in particular productions.

MULTIMEDIA RELEASE FORM | In the event of an acceptance, you will also be asked to sign a Multimedia Release Form, providing legally-binding authorization for Chilling Entertainment, LLC and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights to use your raw vocal recordings for our purposes, commercial or otherwise. Anyone refusing to sign this release will be rejected.

ON-BOARDING | Once you have been formally accepted as a member of our vocal/narration team – meaning your audition has been accepted, you have completed the questionnaire, and you have signed the Multimedia Release Form – you will then be provided with an official CTFDN email address and access to our exclusive cloud-based project management system, where you will have access to participate in our forums, discuss projects, communicate with other members of the CTFDN team, and keep us posted on your progress with your assigned productions.

CASTING | Once you have been successfully “on-boarded,” we will then begin assigning projects to you, based on your availability and abilities.  Projects are expected to be finished within a 2-month window, including editing, recording of narration, post-production and video production. As a narrator, you will be expected to provide quality audio within 7-10 days of having a production assigned to you.


WILL I BE PAID FOR MY SERVICES? | Initially, no. After a brief time, yes. Dozens of individuals put in hundreds of hours of time with CTFDN to make it what it is today, and their accumulated material provides for most of the passive revenue that is generated today. Each story you see on our YouTube channel generates anywhere from $2 per month to several hundred dollars per month, and much of that depends on the time of year, the availability of advertisers at the time of posting, the popularity of the narrator, and the quality of the overall production. The production of a fully fleshed-out story, complete with sound effects and music, typically takes 5x to 10x longer than the recording of the vocals, so before you think that working without compensation on a handful of stories is highway robbery, keep in mind how many other people are involved in the process, and that they would like to be compensated at some point as well. Bottom line? We like our narrators to provide material for 3-4 projects before we begin compensating them, to determine the ease with which we can work with them, their flexibility and general demeanor, and their overall value to the team. Exceptions may be made for talent specifically solicited and hired for particular parts which require atypical accents or which will require the touch of a seasoned actor/actress. Also, keep in mind that there are benefits other than money – and some of them are worth more, if you ask us, such as free publicity, promotion, and a chance to get your foot in the door in a meaningful way, with your vocals produced by some of the most talented audio engineers in the world.

WHAT BENEFITS DO YOU OFFER? | Exposure. Additional traffic for your website or social media sites. Increased book and product sales, if you are promoting a product. Hundreds (or thousands) of positive comments and constructive feedback from fans. Professional, Hollywood-qualify vocal, music and sound effects production, which costs you absolutely nothing. The possibility of working with us in the future for pay. The possibility of having your vocal productions included in our audio-book versions of our print anthologies. Free access to our network of producers, editors, narrators, artists, authors and audio engineering professionals. Access to our exclusive project management software.


By submitting any audition to Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, you must acknowledge and understand that:

  • You must be the original producer of the work being submitted and possess all rights to distribute it
  • Submission of your audition does not guarantee acceptance.
  • If accepted as a member of our team, any audio that you produce may may be used to promote the website and its services in print, online, or in any other way the website deems fit,  including (but not limited to) featured articles in newspapers and/or magazines and news releases.
  • If accepted as a member of our team, any audio that you produce may be used in our productions, and the finished audio productions will be distributed and displayed commercially on our website and YouTube channel(s), as well as sold in our company store in MP3 format, for the purpose of generating revenue for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, with various types of ads displayed within or alongside the content, as determined by us
  • The resulting YouTube video featuring your vocals may attract sponsors, or we may solicit sponsors, that will pay to display advertisements in the video
  • Chilling Entertainment, LLC and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights will own all copyright and possess all rights to the final productions featuring your vocals, and you will have no claim to a right to redistribute or resell the final productions on your own for your own monetary gain
  • No financial compensation will be provided to you for the usage of your vocals, unless specifically stated in writing.
  • You will be credited fully for your vocals according to your wishes, using either your real name, or an assumed name of your choice
  • Every effort will be made to link back to you and to any social media, personal, or professional websites associated with you and your work, at your discretion.


When determining whether or not to accept an audition that has been submitted, several factors are taken into consideration.

If an audition suffers from any of the following initial problems, it will be rejected immediately:

  • Terrible audio quality (hissing, static, pops, excessive background noise, heavy breaths, etc.)
    There’s only so much you can fix with software and noise cancellation. If you live outside a busy highway or airport and don’t employ sound-proofing in your recording space, nothing can save you. If you don’t have a pop filter, get one. If you can’t take 10-15 minutes to edit unintended sounds out of your audition, we will not be tasked with doing it for you. If your audio isn’t clean enough to be used in a radio commercial, it’s not good enough for us, either.
  • Stuttering, stammering, pausing awkwardly during reading
    Put in simple terms, if you can’t read an entire story without making a mistake, that’s fine. If you can’t read 3-5 sentences without stumbling, however, and can’t be bothered to re-record it before submitting, don’t bother auditioning. Take the time to edit out your mistakes, and only send us your best work.
  • Not performed in English

Beyond the above, we typically reject auditions because the narrations do not show enough depth or sound too “ordinary.” Anyone can read a story – we are not simply looking for readers, but individuals who can bring stories alive.

How can you increase your chances of being accepted?

1) Use a good, quality microphone to record. This doesn’t mean the microphone has to be obscenely expensive, but it should at least be a USB condenser microphone or an XLR. Here are some examples of good microphones in an affordable price range:

Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Plug n’ Play
Blue Snowball Ice
CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone
Samson C01UCW Studio USB Mic
Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone
Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver Edition

Examples of microphones that are NOT acceptable for narration are: headset/gaming microphones, microphones that plug in to your computer’s 3/8″ microphone jack, built-in laptop/computer mics, smartphone mics, digital pocket recorders.

2) Have a quiet and isolated environment in which to record.This means you need to be able to record with the microphone away from noisy computer fans and other ambient noises. It also means you should have a place with some form of sound baffling to isolate your voice. Recording in a room with bare walls and floors means your voice will get reflected back into the mic which creates poor audio quality. You need to find a spot, like a closet or other small space, where you could put a blanket or sleeping bag on the wall/floor to block noise and isolate your voice. You don’t have to create a professional quality isolation booth in your house, but you have to ensure your audio is as clean and quiet as you can possible make it.

3) Clean up your audio. Though we are quite capable of editing our mistakes for productions, we prefer not to. Want to make a good impression? Clean up your audio before you send it to us; this goes for both your audition and also for your future, final recordings. Your audition represents you, and no amount of excuses will change our mind if the audio sounds terrible. Again, if you don’t have the time to edit out bad takes, clean up your audio, and send clean vocals, don’t audition. That attitude will cause major problems for us when deadlines are involved.


There is an amazing tutorial page found on the Wiki for Librivox. (Librivox is a project where volunteers record public domain books and turn them into free audiobooks). Their Wiki will have some information related solely to the Librivox project, but most of the information there is about microphones, software, technical specs, etc., is exactly what we need for Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. Try to follow the Librivox Wiki for the minimum technical requirements.

If you have any questions about the whole process, contact us here and we will answer your questions as best as we can.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our team!


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