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Don’t Go Near the Old Ash Tree (Animated Horror Film)


A wonderfully short and haunting tale of a little girl, her mother and a lone tree out in a field which would be better off left alone – written and produced by author Katy Towell.  Her neighbor warned them, but everyone knows that meddling neighbors can’t be trusted.  Right? Click here to check out Katy Towell’s published books! Don’t Go ... Read More »

One Winter’s Night (Animated Horror Film)


An excellent animated short horror film written and produced by Emlyn Boyle.  It is based on a rhyme he wrote in 2008.  Per Emlyn himself, “Anyone who really loves ghost stories, gothic tales, horror stories, Halloween, scary rhymes, macabre poetry, gothic fairy tales, vampire stuff, Tim Burton movies, or just films and animation in general should appreciate it.”  And we do! ... Read More »