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“First Night at Freddy’s”| Written and narrated by Jonathan Jones (Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Fiction)


“First Night at Freddy’s” Author: Jonathan Jones Narrator: Jonathan Jones Sound Design: Jonathan Jones Post-Production: Jeff Clement Music Production: Jonathan Jones Artwork: Craig Groshek & Vanessa Giratina Original “Five Nights at Freddy’s” artwork adapted courtesy of Vanessa Giratina.  To see more of Vanessa’s artwork, please visit her social media sites here: DeviantArt:  http://vanessagiratina.deviantart.com/ YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1VOHnMCrlomzrHjJ63uT5A Tumblr Blog: http://vanessagiratina.tumblr.com/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/VanessaGiratina Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/VanessaGiratinaofficial ... Read More »

“The Stalker” by Vela Damon | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this story by author Vela Damon about a person who comes face to face with their long-time stalker, eventually coming to learn a very unsettling truth about the nature of their admirer. Vela Damon grew up in the rural south and now resides in The Lone Star State. Her short stories and poems have appeared in 101 ... Read More »

“Night Watchmen” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Jonathan Jones returns to narrate this short but thrilling story by an anonymous author, as originally posted to the Reddit Short Scary Stories forum, about a night watchman who, finding his partner missing, goes to search for him.  When he finds the man, on the opposite side of a security razor-wired fence, dripping with blood, he knows something is terribly ... Read More »

“Annie96 is Typing” by Pascal Chatterjee | Narrated by Jeff Clement and Andrea Rose


Jeff Clement and Andrea Rose, known in YouTube creepypasta narration circle as Lady Narration, team up to bring to life this instant message-inspired tale by author Pascal Chatterjee, about David and Annie, two high school students conversing late one night while Annie’s parents are away on vacation. When Annie sees a figure outside her window in her garden that looks ... Read More »

“In the Bayou” | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this story about a man forced to walk several miles through the dark Louisiana bayou via a deserted back road in order to get home, on account of a roommate that doesn’t answer his calls when he desperately needs a ride. Who – or what – the man encounters on the road will make you think twice ... Read More »

“God’s Mouth” | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this creepypasta classic about a couple, Nathan and Maragaret, who decide – Nathan more willingly – to explore a cave called God’s Mouth as a sort of adventurous vacation. It’s not long before things go wrong. Warning: if you are squeamish about tight spaces, turn back now. “God’s Mouth” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry ... Read More »

“The Russian Sleep Experiment” | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this creepypasta classic about a group of Russian political prisoners subjected to a psychological experiment in the 1950’s, which intended to find out what would happen to a man kept awake for 30 days straight without sleep. Within only 15 days, all of the prisoners not yet dead undergo significant changes, and the researchers discover some very ... Read More »

“Jippa” by K.M. Zafari | Narrated by C. Lake


Narrator C. Lake returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights in her first feature presentation following her debut in our 2013 production of “Jeff the Killer.”  This twisted tale of childhood terror, as told by author K.M Zafari, centers on a small boy who is quite worried about the monsters in his room which no one believes are real.  But ... Read More »

“You’ve Known This Your Whole Life” by Christopher Bloodworth | Narrated by Manga Minx


YouTube gaming personality Manga Minx, with a guest appearance by CTFDN mainstay Jeff Clement, narrates this tale of terror by author Christopher Bloodworth, about what really causes you to have to clear your throat at night, and explains exactly what causes that sudden itch on your face many of us feel while falling asleep.  Before you read (and listen!) on, be sure ... Read More »

“Lightning” by Al Apanamo | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Jonathan Jones narrates this classic favorite creepypasta tale from author Al Apanamo, about a father and his son starting a new life in a new town. When the man’s son reports that he likes the lightning outside his window every night, the father is simply glad his son is happy about something. When his son continues being enthusiastic about the ... Read More »

“World’s Best School Psychologist” by CreepyCarbs | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this rightfully popular story by an author “CreepyCarbs,” about a man recounting an experience of his youth, where the self-professed “world’s best school psychologist” helps him find a way to make his abusive and apathetic parents realize how much they love him. The psychologist’s methods are – shall we say – unusual. “World’s Best School Psychologist” Author: CreepyCarbs Narrator: ... Read More »

“Mister Patches” by Konstantine Paradias | Narrated by David Lewis Richardson (feat. Heather Ordover)


David Lewis Richardson, with an appearance by guest narrator Heather Ordover, narrates this listener-written story by author Konstantine Paradias, about a 4-year-old boy and the teddy bear given to him by his grandmother, affectionately named “Mister Patches.” The disheveled bear, despite its humble appearance, repels monsters, or so the boy’s grandmother tells him. One night, when strange whispers fill the boy’s ... Read More »

“The Dagger and the Goblet” by Aaron Shotwell | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this tale by prolific horror author Aaron Shotwell, which Aaron professes was written “over 10 years ago.”  At the time of its writing, Aaron says, “I was fascinated with the myth of the vampire. I wanted to put together a sort of fictional history encompassing their kind, my take on their nature and culture and what-not.” According to ... Read More »

“Mr. Widemouth” | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this classic creepypasta favorite by an anonymous author, about a boy who encounters a strange creature during a bout of illness. At first his visitor appears friendly. However, as time goes on, the true nature of the thing – which the boy begins to refer to as “Mr. Widemouth” – comes to light. “Mr. Widemouth” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Otis Jiry ... Read More »

“The Basement Room” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Jonathan Jones narrates this purportedly true story, written by anonymous author, about an experience the author had while staying in a rented Cape Cod home as a child. One night, while watching television in a room in the basement of the house, the light bulb in the room pops, leaving the author in complete darkness.  Next, a horrible stench fills ... Read More »