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“Limbo” by John Woods


“Limbo” by John Woods Connor?  You want to know about Connor?  Well, I guess I can tell you.  It can’t do any harm.  Connor was 14.  His life couldn’t have been more perfect if he had tried.  His mother was always there for him.  She cooked for him, cleaned for him, comforted him.  The only thing she could not do ... Read More »

“Deadtime” by João Pinto


“Deadtime” by João Pinto * 01:37 – 23/10/2011 Have you ever heard about sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis is a condition that causes people to be unable to move either when falling asleep or waking up. It is often accompanied by night terrors and particularly vivid nightmares, all of which can get particularly disturbing when you find yourself most vulnerable and ... Read More »

“One Dark Night with a Stranger” by Keefin Bickmore


“One Dark Night with a Stranger” by Keefin Bickmore Jeff, Mary, Tyler, and Will all cut through the woods none of them had cars and the bus left right after school so with their extracurricular activities they had to walk most days unless a parent could get them. Jack was the oldest and was the leader of the group, which is ... Read More »

“Raven’s Way” by Gideon Poe


“Raven’s Way” by Gideon Poe Ransford knew about ravens. He knew about the way they mounted the cool woodland breeze, chasing and diving through the air. They would catch the wind in their creaking feathers and alight soundly upon tree branches. He knew the sounds they would cry out and could recollect a dozen or so. They ranged from short ... Read More »

“Belle Muerte” by Jake Purdy


“Belle Muerte” by Jake Purdy “The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead.” – Albert Einstein”  When People usually think of death, they think of their older relatives that have passed on and are no longer walking alongside the living. That is not true. People don’t die, ... Read More »

“Ash” by Increase Mather


“Ash” by Increase Mather I started working as a caregiver about three months ago, to help pay for school. It’s not a bad gig; I work straight through the weekends staying with my client, helping her walk, get dressed, making meals, stuff like that. It makes me sore that I don’t have a weekend but it pays the bills. Plus ... Read More »

“The Nature Man” by Anisha Zaman


“The Nature Man” by Anisha Zaman I squatted down at the riverbank and dipped my hand gently into the water. The water flowed. The coolness of the touch soaked into my veins. I rippled the water with curiosity boiling inside of me.   A butterfly floated gracefully above me. A frog hopped across the shallow pond. A bird began to hum ... Read More »

“The Cellar” by Aaron Cooper


“The Cellar” by Aaron Cooper I use to live in an old house built in 1927, deep in the forest miles away from any city or neighbors. Not much had changed since the house was first built, except for some modern day conveniences such as, electricity, city water, and of course internet. I’m writing this not to tell you about ... Read More »

“The Stranger” by Reed Beebe


“The Stranger” by Reed Beebe The old man found himself alone in the woods, naked, with no company, save the crows cawing in the trees above.  He had played in these woods, years ago.  At least he thought he had.  He was not sure.  Memory was tricky. He wondered what he was doing in the woods.  Where was his caregiver, ... Read More »

“The Stalker of Sleep” by James Dean Schrayer


“The Stalker of Sleep” by James Dean Schrayer My name is Timothy, I live near a wooded area in an A-frame house. Just a few days ago, I began to research demons, I don’t know why, but it peaked my interest. Now don’t go pointing fingers and saying I’m foolish, if anything, I’m far from stupid. I grew up as a christian  I believe ... Read More »

“A Klondike Horror” by Joshua L. Hood


“A Klondike Horror” by Joshua L. Hood Blood froze from dark red to moonlight blue under the slap of Gore’s bare feet. Each step took more skin off of the blackening soles and froze it to the sharp granite of the craggy trail. A week ago he would have run in the snow, but the hard freeze made the glittering ... Read More »

“Black Coffee” by Christian Dives | Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta


Mr. Creepypasta narrates this tale by author Christian Dives, who submitted the story to us in August.  The tale starts in an environment that is familiar to many of us in the working world: the office.  But what’s not familiar is the taste…of the coffee.  Would you notice if, suddenly, your coffee tasted – spicy?  And would you tell anyone…before ... Read More »

“Masterpiece” | Narrated by Jordan Antle


When you’re a small child, your parents will often tell you that there’s no monsters under the bed, or in your closet, or anywhere else.  It’s only a story someone invented to keep you in line.  But what if they were wrong?   In this creepypasta classic, you may not believe in monsters, but it believes in you.  And it’s ... Read More »

“Paranoia” by Naomi Li | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Overwork and stress can sometimes cause delusions.  You can’t always trust what you see and hear in that condition.  Those sounds you hear?  The flickers of black you see skittering across the corners of the room?  They’re nothing.  Just go to sleep. Paranoia Author: Naomi Li Narrator: Jonathan Jones Silence. Silence was uncomfortable, and Amy didn’t like it. Fingers nimbly ... Read More »

“Plot Holes” by David Knoppel | Narrated by K.M. Sumrall


Chilling Tales for Dark Nights welcomes its newest narrator to the project tonight: Mr. K.M. Sumrall.  In this installment, K.M. brings to life a fantastic original tale by wordsmith (and infamous Redditor) David Knoppel entitled “Plot Holes.”  In this incredible story, our main character investigates an abandoned, decrepit house with his best friend, only to have his pal fall through ... Read More »

“The Art of Jacob Emory” by Peter Divine | Narrated by Otis Jiry


Otis Jiry brings this tale by author Peter Divine to life with his 15+ years of voiceover experience.  Listen as he tells the tale of a restless young man named Jacob Emory, who escapes small-town American life for a stint overseas, only to return nearly a decade later, changed, and with a chalk-like black wand in his possession.  The “stick,” ... Read More »

“Faces” | Narrated by Christina Cross


Welcome back, Ms. Christina Cross, to what is her second entry in her work for Chilling Tales For Dark Nights! Christina narrates this sordid tale, translated from a Japanese legend, about a man named Kevin.  Kevin, home alone during his recovery from a recent car accident, plans to treat his upstairs neighbors to some leftover pizza.  When he finally meets ... Read More »

“Swallow” by Mateo Hellion | Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta


In the dark corners of the earth, there are certain objects that carry curses with them.  They come in many forms.  In this particular story, an old chest is the object of interest.  When certain words are inscribed on this chest and then recited in its presence, strange things happen.  And when the chest happens to fall into the hands ... Read More »