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“I Told You To Smile” by Robert Cherry | Narrated by Sky Fortinski


“I Told You To Smile” Author: Robert Cherry Narrator: Sky Fortinski Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Robert Cherry Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Sky Fortinski narrates this classic creepypasta tale by author Robert Cherry that teaches us that sometimes when you hear strange noises at night, you shouldn’t just assume it was the house settling, or someone playing ... Read More »

“The Thing in the Window” | Narrated by Jordan Antle


“The Thing in the Window” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Jordan Antle Sound Design: Jordan Antle Post-Production: Jordan Antle Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Narrator and YouTube gaming personality Jordan Antle narrates this story by an anonymous author, a dreadful tale of terror about a boy and a creature outside his window – a creature that will not stop staring at him. Read More »

“The Staring Doll” by Jack Stryker | Narrated by Luke Fischer


“The Staring Doll” Author: Jack Stryker Narrator: Luke Fischer Sound Design: MoonRaven Post-Production: MoonRaven Audio production © 2012 MoonRaven Story © Jack Stryker Luke Fischer narrates this short tale by author Jack Stryker, originally produced by MoonRaven as the basis for one of their popular illustrated/animated horror stories as showcased on their YouTube channel, about two girls who have their game night interrupted by ... Read More »