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“Daycare” by L. Chan | Narrated by Kellie Fitzgerald


Veteran voiceover narrator Kellie Fitgerald returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights to bring this tale by prolific horror author L. Chan to life.  “Daycare” is the story of one woman’s struggle to make sense of the strange events that occurred one day at the childcare facility where she works.  When an immaculately-dressed, incredibly handsome man in a suit arrives ... Read More »

“Blackout at Third and Main” by Aaron Shotwell | Narrated by Barnabas Deimos


Barnabas Deimos returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights to narrate this tale, written author Aaron Shotwell, of ritual-testing gone awry.  As our protagonist learns (and now warns), chase shadows long enough and you will eventually find the thing casting them.  And when you do find it, you may wish you hadn’t.  So before you think about burying a key ... Read More »

“The Contract” by Aaron Shotwell | Narrated by David Cummings


David Cummings of the infamous NoSleep Podcast narrates this tale by author Aaron Shotwell, about a contract killer who takes a job he later wishes he hadn’t. This story was originally published on author Aaron Shotwell’s Tumblr blog here: http://aaronspleasantnightmares.tumblr.com/  “The Contract” Author: Aaron Shotwell Narrator: David Cummings (http://www.thenosleeppodcast.com) Sound Design: David Cummings Post-Production: David Cummings Music Credits: David Cummings ... Read More »

“The Thief” by Steven Long | Narrated by Daryl Castillo


Please give a warm (or is it chilling?) welcome to our newest narrator: Mr. Daryl Castillo.  Hailing from the United Kingdom, and bringing with him a love of all things macabre and horrific, he narrates his first tale for us today, as written by none other our Steven Long, one of our resident narrators and authors. In this tale, a ... Read More »

“Swallow” by Mateo Hellion | Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta


In the dark corners of the earth, there are certain objects that carry curses with them.  They come in many forms.  In this particular story, an old chest is the object of interest.  When certain words are inscribed on this chest and then recited in its presence, strange things happen.  And when the chest happens to fall into the hands ... Read More »

“Old Tom Comes Home” by Craig Groshek | Narrated by Otis Jiry


New Chilling Tales narrator Otis Jiry brings this tale by Craig Groshek to life with his 15+ years of voiceover experience.  Listen as he tells the tale of an old man and his young son, who live alone in the rural countryside in some very depressing conditions following the death of the boy’s mother.  The boy, with no friends and ... Read More »

“The Curse of the Witches of Skye” by John Macklin | Narrated by Henrique Couto


Please welcome new Chilling Tales narrator Henrique Couto as he makes his first appearance on our site today!  In this Scottish legend, as adapted by author John Macklin his book, World’s Most Bone-Chilling “True” Ghost Stories, a band of witches places a curse on an infant, and the girls’ guardians, in an attempt to protect her from the bizarre spell, ... Read More »

“The Mirror” by Kayla Anderson | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Today Jonathan Jones and Chilling Tales bring you something a bit different.  This original short story by author Kayla Anderson, produced here with her kind permission, tells the tale of a girl left alone as her father went off to war.  She is left to tend to a mirror in the basement of their home, tasked with cleaning it daily ... Read More »

“Pass It On” by Emma Froh | Narrated by Steven Long


Steven Long tells this tale of the creepypasta genre about a not-at-all ominous photo of a pair of twins, which is distributed in chain letter fashion, with an unsettling twist and an ultimatum you would prefer not to receive.  If you think you can escape the twins now, just remember, you’ve already seen the picture, so they’ve already seen you. ... Read More »