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“I Don’t Believe in Santa Claus” by Sinshana | Narrated by Luke Fischer


“I Don’t Believe in Santa Claus” Author: Sinshana Narrator: Luke Fischer Sound Design: Jason Hornack Post-Production: Jason Hornack Music Production: Jason Hornack Final Mix: Jason Hornack Video Production: Craig Groshek Thumbnail Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © Sinshana Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Luke Fischer narrates this tale by Redditor Sinshana about a young man who claims he’s always known Santa was make-believe, but pretends ... Read More »

“The Screaming Corpse” by Brian von Knoblauch | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Screaming Corpse” Author: Brian von Knoblauch Narrator: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © Brian von Knoblauch Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Master Storyteller Otis Jiry tells this unsettling tale about a strange incident at a graveyard. When you visit the cemetery, you might naturally assume that the loved one being laid to rest was dead.  In ... Read More »

“The Tundra” by David Feuling | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Tundra” Author: David Feuling Narrator: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © David Feuling Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Master Storyteller Otis Jiry tells a tale of a man who heads into the frozen tundra alone, after being told by the native villagers that there is an area occupied by benevolent spirits, which will grant insight and ... Read More »

“The Hooded Stranger” by Gregg Jones | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Hooded Stranger” Author: Gregg Jones Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © Gregg Jones Otis Jiry narrates this tale submitted by listener and author Gregg Jones, about a man who, in the time following the loss of his youngest son, goes for a walk at night, and ... Read More »

“Mr. Widemouth” | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this classic creepypasta favorite by an anonymous author, about a boy who encounters a strange creature during a bout of illness. At first his visitor appears friendly. However, as time goes on, the true nature of the thing – which the boy begins to refer to as “Mr. Widemouth” – comes to light. “Mr. Widemouth” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Otis Jiry ... Read More »

“The Scarecrow Corpse” by Kris Mallory | Narrated by Markiplier


Mark Fischbach, better known as YouTube personality Markiplier, narrates this story by author Kris Mallory – horror aficionado and co-editor of the Daylight Dims horror anthology series – about a man in training to become a coroner, who gets involved in a very bizarre case involving a corpse that appears to retain its ability to move its eyes after death – ... Read More »

“Little Nightmares, Little Dreams” by New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Simon | Narrated by Lynne Darlington and Otis Jiry


Lynne Darlington returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights to narrate this amazing tale by accomplished New York Times bestselling author Rachel Simon. Otis Jiry lends a hand as the voice of the protagonist’s husband, Fabian. In the story, an elderly couple very much in love decides to try dreaming the same dream. At first the wife laughs off the ... Read More »

“The Hearse Song” by Joe Whiteford | Performed by Harley Poe (creepy pasta song)


It’s not enough to say Harley Poe write songs about monsters. Harley Poe sing about being monsters. In the band’s world, the vampires, werewolves, serial killers, and cannibals take center stage and become the protagonists onto whom we project our joys, our fears, and our failings. It might surprise some to find the first seeds of Harley Poe were planted while singer-songwriter ... Read More »

“An Incident on a Snowy Mountain” | Narrated by Otis Jiry


Otis Jiry narrates this classic creepypasta from the netherworld of the Internet.  Posted as far back as 2007 by Saya Yomino on her notorious blog of “translated-from-Japanese” short horror stories, Saya in Underworld, the story recounts the experience of a photographer, employed to snap shots of a snow-capped Himalayan mountain, for a magazine. His assistant, unfortunately, is injured during the ... Read More »

“Just Another Night” by Drew Vitalduel | Narrated by David Cummings


David Cummings of the NoSleep Podcast narrates this tale by author Drew Vitalduel about a brother who receives a late-night, supposedly drunken phone call from his troublemaker of a brother.  When the phone call gets weird, the brother, sitting at home, chalks it up to his sibling simply being intoxicated.  But it becomes obvious soon thereafter that there is something ... Read More »

“Mr. Widemouth” | Narrated by Jesse Cornett and Jonathan Jones


Jesse Cornett and Jonathan Jones work together to bring this infamous creepypasta monster to life.  In this tale of a boy recovering from a bout of mononucleosis, Jesse voices the boy as he recounts the events surrounding his illness, and eventually of the day he met him: Mr. Widemouth. Voiced by talented character actor Jonathan Jones, Mr. Widemouth tries to ... Read More »

“The Wendigo” by Algernon Blackwood | Narrated by Amy Gramour


This literary horror classic by English author Algernon Blackwood was originally published in 1910, in his collection of stories entitled The Lost Valley and Other Stories.  This reading of the tale is by narrator Amy Gramour, originally produced for the Librivox project. To see more of Amy Gramour’s work for Librivox, visit her collection of recordings here: https://catalog.librivox.org/people_public.php?peopleid=4744 The Wendigo is ... Read More »

“Plot Holes” by David Knoppel | Narrated by K.M. Sumrall


Chilling Tales for Dark Nights welcomes its newest narrator to the project tonight: Mr. K.M. Sumrall.  In this installment, K.M. brings to life a fantastic original tale by wordsmith (and infamous Redditor) David Knoppel entitled “Plot Holes.”  In this incredible story, our main character investigates an abandoned, decrepit house with his best friend, only to have his pal fall through ... Read More »

“The Thing” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


“The Thing” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Jonathan Jones Sound Design: Jonathan Jones Post-Production: Jonathan Jones Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2012 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Voiceover artist Jonathan Jones tells this tale, based on the story of the same name by Alvin Schwartz in his book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, about a pair of young men who come ... Read More »