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“A Message in a Very Old Bottle” by Jon Patrick | Narrated by David Cummings


“A Message in a Very Old Bottle” Author: Jon Patrick Narrator: David Cummings Sound Design: David Cummings Post-Production: David Cummings Music Composition: Brandon Boone Artwork: Craig Groshek Sound Effects: PSE Hybrid Library http://www.prosoundeffects.com Story © Jon Patrick Audio production © Creative Reason Media David Cummings of the NoSleep Podcast (http://www.thenosleeppodcast.com) narrates this story by author Jon Patrick, about an intern on an oceangoing research vessel assigned to what ... Read More »

“The Night Wire” by H.F. Arnold | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Night Wire” Author: H.F. Arnold Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © H.F. Arnold Otis Jiry narrates this classic tale of terror by author H.F. Arnold (R.I.P), which first appeared in the September 1926 issue of Weird Tales, about a telegraph operator who receives broadcasts from a couple of people ... Read More »

“Plot Holes” by David Knoppel | Narrated by K.M. Sumrall


Chilling Tales for Dark Nights welcomes its newest narrator to the project tonight: Mr. K.M. Sumrall.  In this installment, K.M. brings to life a fantastic original tale by wordsmith (and infamous Redditor) David Knoppel entitled “Plot Holes.”  In this incredible story, our main character investigates an abandoned, decrepit house with his best friend, only to have his pal fall through ... Read More »

“When Your World Falls Apart” by Anton Scheller | Narrated by David Cummings

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“When Your World Falls Apart” Author: Anton Scheller Narrator: David Cummings Sound Design: David Cummings Music Composition: David Cummings Post-Production: David Cummings Story © Anton Scheller Audio production © Creative Reason Media David Cummings narrates this tale by author Anton Scheller, about every parent’s worst nightmare: losing their child.  This tale follows Carol, a mother, who is coping with the ... Read More »