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“Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad” by M.R. James | Narrated by Peter Yearsley


Peter Yearsley narrates this classic tale of terror by English author M.R. James, originally written in 1904, about one Professor Parkins of St. James College, who, following the end of a school term, embarks on a golfing trip to Burnstow, England. A friend asks Parkins if, while he’s there, he could examine a former Templar site, to determine if it would be ... Read More »

“Smee” by A.M. Barrage | Narrated by David Lewis Richardson


David Lewis Richardson reads this classic horror tale, which takes place at a manor in the English countryside, by author A.M. Barrage, about a group of people who decide to entertain themselves one by playing a “hide and seek”-style game called “It’s Me,” or “Smee,” if you prefer. When the last man is left standing and discovers that the number ... Read More »

“Ultrasound” by Kevin Thomas | Narrated by Jesse Cornett


Jesse Cornett returns to narrate this amazing long-length (1+ hours) tale of science gone wrong by famed Reddit author Kevin Thomas.  Kevin is also the author of the infamous and most popular Reddit NoSleep tale of all time, entitled “Autopilot” (you can see “Autopilot” here: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/19fmjf/autopilot/).  In this tale, Kevin weaves the tale of a high school science teacher struggling to ... Read More »

“Milk Bottles” by Maria Leach | Narrated by Craig Groshek


This is the story of a shopkeeper who sees the same woman rush into her store several nights in a row, always grabbing a bottle of milk and then running out into the night. After several nights of this bizarre behavior, he and a few friends decide to follow her, to find that she is returning – to a graveyard. ... Read More »