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“The Calamander Chest” by Joseph Payne Brennan | Narrated by Henrique Couto


Henrique Couto returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights tonight to help us bring a Joseph Payne Brennan classic tale of terror to life.  In “The Calamander Chest,” a man comes across a chest constructed of a rare and beautiful wood in a second-hand shop.  The problem?  It’s remarkably inexpensive, and the shopkeeper couldn’t be more excited to get rid ... Read More »

Just Delicious


This short film was inspired by the short story of the same title, which is featured in the book Scary Stories 3 by Alvin Schwartz.  Check it out - it’s an amazing collection of horror stories, with the most freakiest hand-drawn pictures ever. [sc:book-scary-stories-3] If you enjoyed this tale, perhaps you would be interested in the following items: [sc:folktale-faves] You Might Also Enjoy:“Terminal” ... Read More »