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“The Old McCurdy House” by Natasha Glover | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Old McCurdy House” Author: Natasha Glover Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © Natasha Glover Otis Jiry narrates this twist on a haunted house tale by author Natasha Glover about an old house, where the power had been disconnected long ago, where a light is still seen burning ... Read More »

“The Basement Room” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Jonathan Jones narrates this purportedly true story, written by anonymous author, about an experience the author had while staying in a rented Cape Cod home as a child. One night, while watching television in a room in the basement of the house, the light bulb in the room pops, leaving the author in complete darkness.  Next, a horrible stench fills ... Read More »

“Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad” by M.R. James | Narrated by Peter Yearsley


Peter Yearsley narrates this classic tale of terror by English author M.R. James, originally written in 1904, about one Professor Parkins of St. James College, who, following the end of a school term, embarks on a golfing trip to Burnstow, England. A friend asks Parkins if, while he’s there, he could examine a former Templar site, to determine if it would be ... Read More »

“Facing Fears” True Demonic Haunting Tale from Rural Wisconsin | Narrated by Jesse Cornett


Jesse Cornett narrates this true tale about a demonic haunting from rural Amherst, Wisconsin, as told in the words of the unknown author.  Amherst is a real place, and you can check out photos of its local sights here on Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/oat7lfz In this story, written by the author as a creative writing exercise for a college course, the protagonist ... Read More »

“Ultrasound” by Kevin Thomas | Narrated by Jesse Cornett


Jesse Cornett returns to narrate this amazing long-length (1+ hours) tale of science gone wrong by famed Reddit author Kevin Thomas.  Kevin is also the author of the infamous and most popular Reddit NoSleep tale of all time, entitled “Autopilot” (you can see “Autopilot” here: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/19fmjf/autopilot/).  In this tale, Kevin weaves the tale of a high school science teacher struggling to ... Read More »

“Penpal” by Chad Garcia | Narrated by Jordan Antle


Jordan Antle narrates this short tale by author Chad Garcia about a man named John who discovers a letter in his suburban neighborhood mailbox one day, written by a little boy who claims to live on his same street.  But as the days go by and the letters keep coming, it becomes glaringly obvious to John that there is more ... Read More »

“The Calamander Chest” by Joseph Payne Brennan | Narrated by Henrique Couto


Henrique Couto returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights tonight to help us bring a Joseph Payne Brennan classic tale of terror to life.  In “The Calamander Chest,” a man comes across a chest constructed of a rare and beautiful wood in a second-hand shop.  The problem?  It’s remarkably inexpensive, and the shopkeeper couldn’t be more excited to get rid ... Read More »