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“The Wendigo” by Algernon Blackwood | Narrated by Amy Gramour


This literary horror classic by English author Algernon Blackwood was originally published in 1910, in his collection of stories entitled The Lost Valley and Other Stories.  This reading of the tale is by narrator Amy Gramour, originally produced for the Librivox project. To see more of Amy Gramour’s work for Librivox, visit her collection of recordings here: https://catalog.librivox.org/people_public.php?peopleid=4744 The Wendigo is ... Read More »

“Water Puppet” by Emma Froh | Narrated by Keenon Brevik


“Water Puppet” Author: Emma Froh Narrator: Keenon Brevik Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Emma Froh Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Keenon Brevik voices a tale written by horror aficionado Emma Froh.  In what Emma calls her first “stab” at a monster story, we follow the tale of a fearless young man.  An adrenaline junkie, the young man is put ... Read More »

“The House on the Lake” by Mark Newton | Narrated by Edward Bennett


“The House on the Lake” Author: Mark Newton Narrator: Edward Bennett Sound Design: Mark Newton Post-Production: Mark Newton Music Production: Mark Newton Audio production © Mark Newton Story © Mark Newton Narrator Edward Bennett tells this cautionary tale of a boy and his father who live together on a lake.  The boy gives his father the age-old excuse typically used to stay up at night, ... Read More »