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“The Fat Guy Gets the Girl” by Al Bruno III | Narrated by Barnabas Deimos


Barnabas Deimos narrates this dark-humor tale by prolific author Al Bruno III, which reads as a police interrogation transcript, about a man in custody, recounting the events that transpired which involved him and the most popular members of his school class. The tale, told from this man’s perspective, is both intriguing in its portrayal of an unlikely protagonist, and sinister in ... Read More »

“Tulpa” | Narrated by Matt Grant (feat. Jesse Cornett)


Matt Grant, with assistance from Jesse Cornett, narrates this creepypasta classic by an uncredited anonymous author, about a man who volunteers to undergo a controlled scientific experiment whereby he imagines a double of himself – a “tulpa” – for an extended period of time. The researchers are quite pleased with his work, but our unlucky protagonist may not figure out ... Read More »

“Emerald Eyes” | Narrated by Jared Short


New narrator Jared Short voices this tale of terror, originally written by an anonymous author and edited/adapted by Craig Groshek, about a rather disgruntled individual named Evan, who struggled his entire life to find peace after witnessing the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of a boy with emerald green eyes.  Evan, after spending the majority of his ... Read More »

“I Saw It Coming” by Adam Kearney | Narrated by Jeff Clement


Jeff Clement narrates this psychological tale of terror from author Adam Kearney, of a man who receives the same ghastly visitation at his front door each night, of a bloodied and horribly injured man begging for help.  After several nights of the visitation, the man loses his patience and decides to put a stop to his paranormal visitor’s behavior.  Read ... Read More »

“The Tapping Next Door” by Georgia Brandon | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


“The Tapping Next Door” Author: Georgia Brandon Narrator: Jonathan Jones Sound Design: Jonathan Jones Post-Production: Jonathan Jones Story © Georgia Brandon Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Jonathan Jones narrates this first-person psychological tale of terror by author Georgia Brandon, about a man living alone in an apartment, who is kept awake at night by the noises emanating from his ... Read More »

“Eugene” by Charles Swain | Narrated by Kellie Fitzgerald


“Eugene” Author: Charles Swain Narrator: Kellie Fitzgerald Sound Design: Kellie Fitzgerald Post-Production: Kellie Fitzgerald Story © Charles Swain Audio production © Charles Swain Narrator Kellie Fitzgerald brings to life another of author Charles Swain’s original tales of terror.  In this macabre entry, you’ll meet a painter and his unlikely muse, an elderly man named Eugene.  The struggling artist is having trouble with his latest piece. ... Read More »

“I Told You To Smile” by Robert Cherry | Narrated by Sky Fortinski


“I Told You To Smile” Author: Robert Cherry Narrator: Sky Fortinski Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Robert Cherry Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Sky Fortinski narrates this classic creepypasta tale by author Robert Cherry that teaches us that sometimes when you hear strange noises at night, you shouldn’t just assume it was the house settling, or someone playing ... Read More »