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“Ending the Eternal” by Unstable Ground | Horror Suspense Film HD 1080p


WARNING: graphic violence/language! This well-done low-budget short film about a vampire with an unexpected motivation is the prequel to the longer-length film The Eternal (http://www.theeternalmovie.com). Ending the Eternal is shown here as seen at various festivals in 2008, including Toronto After Dark, Dead Channels, Edmonton International Film Festival, Shriekfest, and more! The film is presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Frightening Films Fridays. To ... Read More »

“The Wound” by Bull Run Pictures | Award Winning Horror Suspense Film HD 1080p


A woman recovers from abdominal surgery at a seaside home. One day, her wound comes to life. The film is presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Frightening Films Fridays. Visit production company Bull Run Pictures here: http://www.bullrunpictures.com/ Or visit Bull Run Pictures’ official YouTube channel for more of their work here: https://www.youtube.com/user/BullRunPictures Written and Directed by David Garrett Produced ... Read More »

“The Whistler” from Openlight Pictures | Short Horror Suspense Film HD 1080p


A spine-tingling short horror / suspense film from Openlight Pictures, presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Frightening Films Fridays. He whistles while you sleep. http://www.openlightpictures.com Starring: Kate Cobb & Josh Schell Writen & directed by: Bryce James McGuire (http://brycejamesmcguire.wordpress.com) Produced by: Rod Blackhurst (http://rodblackhurst.com/) Shot by: Colton Davie (http://coltondavie.com/) Original music by: John W. Snyder (http://johnwsnyder.com/) Visual effects by: ... Read More »

“Milk Teeth” by Colby Newton | Narrated by Heather Ordover (feat. Alicia Pavlis)


Heather Ordover narrates this tale of terror from the mind of author Colby Newton, which placed as the 2nd runner-up in our March 2014 Short Horror Writing Contest. In the story, Claire Collingwood had never given much thought to having children, but now the idea consumes her. After marrying the love of her life and building a reputable career, it would ... Read More »

“Just Another Night” by Drew Vitalduel | Narrated by David Cummings


David Cummings of the NoSleep Podcast narrates this tale by author Drew Vitalduel about a brother who receives a late-night, supposedly drunken phone call from his troublemaker of a brother.  When the phone call gets weird, the brother, sitting at home, chalks it up to his sibling simply being intoxicated.  But it becomes obvious soon thereafter that there is something ... Read More »

“The Thing That Will Kill Me” by Ashley Rose Wellman | Narrated by Will Rogers and Allie Palmer


New Jersey podcast personality Will Rogers, with assistance from female lead Allie Palmer, narrates this tale by author Ashley Rose Wellman, originally posted to the Reddit NoSleep forum and featured originally on the NoSleep Podcast (www.thenosleeppodcast.com) about a couple that visits a fortune-teller in the hopes of learning a bit about what their destiny has in store for them.  While the ... Read More »

“The Owl” by Aaron Shotwell | Narrated by Otis Jiry


Otis Jiry brings this tale by author Aaron Shotwell to life with his 15+ years of voice-over experience.  Listen as he tells the tale of a man in his twilight years who is recalling and describing his “strange companion,” a silent and unsettling great horned owl he seemingly inherited from his grandfather.  As we read and listen to this story, ... Read More »

“Check” by Kelsey Donald | Narrated by Jeff Clement


Tonight’s tale of terror is short, but oh, so sweet. Originally posted to the Subreddit forum “shortscarystories” (http://www.reddit.com/r/shortscarystories/), “Check” is about a person who, quite frankly, worries too much. Everyone knows that making a checklist can help us remember things. In this case, our main character is counting on it to keep him safe. As long as you check off ... Read More »

“Masterpiece” | Narrated by Jordan Antle


When you’re a small child, your parents will often tell you that there’s no monsters under the bed, or in your closet, or anywhere else.  It’s only a story someone invented to keep you in line.  But what if they were wrong?   In this creepypasta classic, you may not believe in monsters, but it believes in you.  And it’s ... Read More »

“Paranoia” by Naomi Li | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Overwork and stress can sometimes cause delusions.  You can’t always trust what you see and hear in that condition.  Those sounds you hear?  The flickers of black you see skittering across the corners of the room?  They’re nothing.  Just go to sleep. Paranoia Author: Naomi Li Narrator: Jonathan Jones Silence. Silence was uncomfortable, and Amy didn’t like it. Fingers nimbly ... Read More »