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“Ending the Eternal” by Unstable Ground | Horror Suspense Film HD 1080p


WARNING: graphic violence/language! This well-done low-budget short film about a vampire with an unexpected motivation is the prequel to the longer-length film The Eternal (http://www.theeternalmovie.com). Ending the Eternal is shown here as seen at various festivals in 2008, including Toronto After Dark, Dead Channels, Edmonton International Film Festival, Shriekfest, and more! The film is presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Frightening Films Fridays. To ... Read More »

“Secrets of the Seven Symphonies Circus” by Shenoa Carroll Bradd | Narrated by Henrique Couto


Henrique Couto returns to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights to narrate this tale by author Shenoa Carroll Bradd, as featured in 2013′s horror anthology Daylight Dims, about a man lured into working for a traveling circus. Initially hoping to escape from his day-to-day life, the young man at first enjoys his time away from home; when the unsavory ringmaster of ... Read More »

“The Dagger and the Goblet” by Aaron Shotwell | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


Otis Jiry narrates this tale by prolific horror author Aaron Shotwell, which Aaron professes was written “over 10 years ago.”  At the time of its writing, Aaron says, “I was fascinated with the myth of the vampire. I wanted to put together a sort of fictional history encompassing their kind, my take on their nature and culture and what-not.” According to ... Read More »