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Aaron Cooper Aaron Shotwell Abby Ramsay abductions Adam Kearney Al Apanamo Al Bruno Al Burno Alicia Pavlis Allie Palmer Allison Terry Alvin Schwartz Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories AM AMAZING Amy Gramour Andy Scott Angela Slatter angels Animal Farm animals animated Animated Characters Creatures animation Anisha Zaman announcement announcements anonymous anonymous author anonymous authors Anton Scheller Anyhow Stories apartments apparitions ARCHIVE art artwork Ashley Rose Wellman ASK assasinations audio Austin Muratori Austin Pocock Author Al Apanamo Author Al Bruno Author Allison Terry Author Alvin Schwartz Author Anonymous Author Anton Scheller Author Christian Dives Author Christopher Bloodworth Author Craig Groshek Author Georgia Brandon Author John Macklin Author Joseph Payne Brennan Author Lucy Clifford Author Maria Leach Author Mark Newton Author Neil Gaiman Author Peter Divine Author Reed Beebe Author Richard Author Saki Author Steven Long Author Todd Martin babies babysitting BAD balloons Barnabas Deimos based on true events basements bedtime Ben Franklin Ben Pienaar Ben Tillett Berlin BEST Big Names Big Toe birds Black Coffee Black Gambler Bloody Cuts Blue Eyes Blue Lion boats bogeymen BOO books Boss Simpson Brandon Boone Brian Hodge bridges Broken Night bugs bus stop butcher C. Lake Calamander Chest cameras cannibalism car crashes cars cats cautionary cautionary tales Chad Garcia Chance Patrick CHANNEL Charles Swain Charles V. De Vet children Chilling Tales Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Chris Coffman Chris McNeill Christian Dives christianity Christina Cross Christmas Christmas Eve Christopher Bloodworth church Cicely Mitchell classic classic horror classics claustrophobia Cliff Barlow closets clown clown mask clowns contest contract killer corpse corpses Cory Crush Cory Groshek costumes Craig Groshek creatures CREDITS creepers creepy creepy dolls creepy neighbors creepypast creepypasta creepy pasta creepypastac Creepypasta Crypt CreepyPastaSavie creepypasta song creepy pasta songc Cry Cryaotic Cry Reads crystal balls cults cursed curses dangers Dan Weatherer dares Dark Descent Darkstone Entertainment Daryl Castillo Dathan Auerbach Dave Taylor David Cummings David Feuling David Knoppel David Lewis Rirchardson David Richardson Daylight Dims death DEMO demonic demonolatry demons Dennis Etchison destiny DeviantArt Deviant Art devil Devil Behind Director Cut Director Cut Kindle disappearances DIY doll dolls DON donations Doubtlessly Eve DREAM dreams Drew Vitalduel DRINKING drugs DVD Edward Bennett Edward Warren Elizabeth Hand Emlyn Boyle Emma Froh Emma Froh Emma England entities experiments FACEBOOK fairy tales fairytales farms FEED feelpasta fields Fifty Island Water film fires flash fiction Florida folklore folk song folktale folktales footsteps forebearers fortune tellers freaks of nature French Canadian fundraiser funerals FX Gabriel Ernest GAMES Gaming Creepy Pasta gas stations Georgia Georgia Brandon ghosts ghost stories Gideon Poe Gina Evangelisti gothic government GREAT Grimm Brothers grim reaper grotesque gruesome guest narrator program Guillermo Arriaga gyms H.P. Lovecraft Halloween song hallucinations Happy Holidays Harley Poe Haunted House haunted houses haunted objects hauntings Heather Ordover Henrique Couto heroes hidden camera hip-hop hitchhikers holiday holidays homeless horror horror anthology horror collections horror film horror writing hospital hotels house HP Lovecraft HUNGRY ID illness illustrated images IMDB Incomptech Music Increase Mather insanity insects Internet intruders IVR J. Christopher VanVlair Jack Stryker Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Jacob Emory Jacob Newell Jake Purdy James Cleveland James Dean Schrayer Japan Jared Short JDC Jeanna Saccomano Jeff Clement Jeff the Killer JennaMarbles Jerod Brennen Jesse Cornett Joe Whiteford John Ajvide Lindqvist John Casuccio John Macklin Johnny Nava John Woods JONATHAN Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones Demo Jonathan Jones Demo Audiobook Jonathan Jones Demo Commercial Jonathan Jones Demo Narration Jonathan Jones Demo Video Games Jordan Antle Joseph Payne Brennan Josh Johnson Josh McDermid Joshua L. Hood Joshua Sheetz João Pinto JTK jump scares justice K.M. Sumrall K.M. Zafari Katy Towell Kayla Anderson Keefin Bickmore Keenon Brevik Kellie Fitzgerald Kelsey Donald Kevin A. Lyons Kevin Thomas Kevin Urban KILLER Knock Knock Kyle Akers Kyle Dorsey L. Chan lakes LARGE Lauren Aimee Morgan Left Mother legends letters Library of Shadows life lightning Lisa Tuttle literature lost episodes LOVE Lovecraftian Lucy Clifford Luke Fischer lullabies Lynne Darlington magic Man Walking Yonder March 2014 Writing Contest Entry Maria Leach Markiplier Mark Newton Martin Troy masks Mateo Hellion Matt Dymerski Matt Grant Matthew Fike Matthew Swift Matt Roger Matt Rogers Maya Ellert MCP MESSAGE messages Michael Marshall Smith Michael Whitehouse mirror mirrors Miss Eliza missing persons Miss Van Cheele MOM monster monsters MoonRaven Morning Post motorcycles mountains Mr. Creepypasta mrcreepypasta murder murders music mysteries Naomi Li NARRATED narrations narrator Narrator Abby Ramsay Narrator Andy Scott Narrator Anne Marie Narrator Cicely Mitchell Narrator David Cummings Narrator David Richardson Narrator Edward Bennett Narrator Emma Froh Narrator Heather Ordover Narrator Henrique Couto Narrator Jonathan Jones Narrator Mr Narrator Otis Jiry neighbors New Chilling Tales New Mother New York Nick Spence night nightmares Nightmare Tales night shifts noises North Carolina NoSleep NoSleep Podcast novel nursery rhymes obsession occult October 2013 Story Contest entry OFFICIAL Oh Let Old Tom Comes Home OMINOUS original original story Otis Jiry ouija board paranoia paranormal PART parties Pennsylvania Per Emlyn Peter Crowther Peter Divine PewDiePie phantoms Phil S.M. Phil Zona phone calls PLEASE poison politicians politics Poor Jacob possession premonitions psychic psychic ability psychics psychological psychos pumpkin Qualoa radios Ramsey Campbell ransoms rap Rat Portage ravens reaper reapers RECENT Reddit Reddit NoSleep Reed Beebe Reed Twitter REEL Reggie Oliver religion religious revenge Richard Christian Matheson Rio Herrera ritual rituals Robert Shearman RULES rural sacrifices sad Satan Satanic scary scary dolls Scary Stories Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark school science Scotland sea monsters security guards security tapes self-mutilation serial killers shadows shock ending shock endings Shondra Snodderly short film short horror short horror film short stories short story SkyDoesMinecraft Sky Fortinski sleep paralysis sleepwalking slenderman slender man Slendy smile Smile Dog Smiledog.jpg Smithland Smosh snow sociopaths So Jeff song songs Soul Game sounds Source Scary Stories special guest Special Thanks spirits stairs stalkers Stephanie Beaton Stephen So Steven Long Steven Roberts STORIES story story contest story writing Stuart Schlomach Studio Quality Sound SUBSCRIBERS Super Movie Bros supernatural superpowers super powers suspense Tapping Next Door Texas thank you That Creepy Reading The Rake Thomas Koner thriller Tim Burton timeloop Tim Ritter Tinkerpied Tobuscus Todd Martin torture trees Troy Lewis true stories turkey TV twins twist endings TWITTER TWO UK undead underground unexplained UNKNOWN Until Mother urban legends vampires Van Cheele video video appeal videotape VIEW visions voicemails voices WEBSITE William Harmar William Meikle William Rodgers Will Rogers windows Winners Announced winter Wisconsin Public Radio witches wolf wood woods World Falls Apart World War WOW wraiths Writer Mark Newton writing writing contest written YouTube Zak Whitney zombies