New Collaboration with screenwriter Max Landis released!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and Chilling Tales: The Podcast fans, our newest story featuring the writing of Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis(writer of the movies Chronicle and Victor Frankenstein), featuring production and music by Jeff Clement and the vocal talent of Jeff, as well as Alicia Pavlis and Kellie Fitzgerald – was just released! (

We need YOUR help to promote this! Point out to all your friends and family that we worked with Max on this, and draw as much attention to it as possible.

We would also appreciate it if you would reach out to Landis and let him know you appreciate him allowing us to adapt his story, and encourage him to work with us on other projects. He’s a truly creative, out-of-the-box guy, and we would be honored to collaborate with him more frequently.

Thanks for all you do!

Here is some social media contact info for Landis, so that you can message him. He seems most active on Twitter:

► Twitter:
► YouTube:
► Reddit:
► Facebook:

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