“Check” by Kelsey Donald | Narrated by Jeff Clement

Tonight’s tale of terror is short, but oh, so sweet. Originally posted to the Subreddit forum “shortscarystories” (, “Check” is about a person who, quite frankly, worries too much. Everyone knows that making a checklist can help us remember things. In this case, our main character is counting on it to keep him safe. As long as you check off everything on the list, you’re safe, right? Right?

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Author: Kelsey Donald
Narrator: Jeff Clement
Sound design: Jeff Clement
Music credits: Jeff Clement
Post-Production: Jeff Clement
Artwork: Craig Groshek

Sound effects:

It’s the same checklist every night:

Did I turn off all the lights? Yes.

Did I shut the garage? Yes.

Did I lock the front door? The back door? Set the alarm? Yes, yes, and yes.

Did I check the closet? Yes.

I mean, really check it? Move the clothes aside, shine a flashlight into the shadows? Yes. Empty, as always.

And yet, as I drift off to sleep, do I hear the closet door creak open? Is that the shuffling of footsteps, making its way across my bedroom floor? Do I hear, no, feel, hot, rasping breath against the back of my neck?


  • Nathan
    Posted at 20:08h, 10 January

    Good story. But it’s the narration that really kicks it up to the next level. Wonderful job!