End of day on Sunday, July 2, 2017


Monday, July 10, 2017


Applicants can be any age, gender, or sex, and can be of any nationality.  

Prior voice acting experience is NOT required!

Those who competed (or auditioned) previously but who have not become members of our roster are welcome to compete this year.

All competitors must pay a mandatory $5.00 USD entrance fee (paid via PayPal using the link to the left).

Applicants must have the ability to record clean, clear audio, unsupported by sound effects or music, to be sent to us in either .WAV or 320 kbps MP3 format via a dependable service such as DropBox or Google Drive.

Applicants are welcome to use any recording device of your choice. However, please note: although contestants are being judged on their performance, enthusiasm and interest in becoming a part of our team, and not on the quality of your recording device itself, those lacking the ability to record, at minimum, clean, clear audio will be at a serious disadvantage in the contest itself.

All applicants must provide: a short 1-2 minute audio clip telling us your name or stage name, your age and location, any other details about yourself you’d like to share, and a quick explanation as to why you’d like to become the next Evil Idol.

All applicants must provide: a sample reading, no longer than 5 minutes, of any public domain horror story of your choice. It can be Poe, Lovecraft, Bierce, Stoker, or any other author of your choice, so long as it is out of copyright! If you’d like to perform a modern story as well, that’s fine, too, but you’ll need to provide a copy of an email from the author to us proving they are aware of and okay with your use of their work in this capacity. Don’t know how to contact an author?  Record a classic.  We will not select stories for you.

Email the aforementioned audio, your legal name, a high quality photo of yourself, and your contact details, to our director at: craig (at)


Beginning Monday, July 10, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights will be launching the second season of the EVIL IDOL voice acting competition, in which you – a member of our audience – will have the opportunity to win a coveted spot as a vocal performer on our roster!


For years we’ve taken auditions via our website and have been blessed to have discovered – and been discovered by – talented individuals such as Jeff Clement, Alicia Pavlis, Jesse Cornett, Otis Jiry and Heather Ordover.


And our first season of EVIL IDOL, in 2016, brought us the talent of finalists such as Ashley Tolfo, Nick Goroff, Jordan Lester, Kristin Holland, Brindolyn McNair, and host of the Simply Scary Podcast, G.M. Danielson!



New this year is a cash prize for the winner and the first 3 runners-up!


We’re asking everyone joining the contest this year to contribute $5 to a cash prize pool.  Your contribution of 5 dead presidents will get you into the contest and will GUARANTEE you the chance to be heard!  Unlike in 2016, when only half of the more than 250 entrants were given the opportunity to participate, everyone contributing this year will get their five minutes of fame!


The cash prize awarded to the winner and the three runners-up will be provided using the funds collected in the pool – think of it as personal raffle ticket of terror!   The more people that enter, the more diverse the competition, and the bigger your paycheck, so tell your friends, your family, and that cashier with the awesome voice that works at your local grocery store!


Regrettably, we cannot state at this time what the exact cash prize will be at this time, as that will depend on the number of entrants.  Rest assured, however: we will release more details once the application period is over!


In the event we do not receive enough interest in the contest this year, all funds will be returned.


The stories provided as part of the application will be utilized in the first round, and will be posted in full to our YouTube channel, where the public will be allowed to vote via UP or DOWN votes, for one week per entry.


After all entrants have been judged, they will be ranked according to the ratio of up or down votes, and the top 50% of contestants as based on those numbers will move on to the second round, which begins in August!


In the second round and beyond, contestants will be asked to secure their own material, as well as perform it, and will be judged again by the YouTube audience.


The total number of rounds will be determined by the number of applicants!


The winner and runners-up will be selected in plenty of time to be a part of our upcoming Halloween festivities in October!