In this tale, we meet a girl who is growing up in dire poverty in a bygone era, but she does this from behind the walls of an extravagant mansion. There is a legacy of refinement that her generation of the family has never tasted. But her lifestyle malaise is interrupted by a voice ringing in her head. That voice has an offer, one which will be very tempting to her, but disastrous for everyone that surrounds her.

In this episode of Scary Stories Told in the Dark, we bring you four terrifying tales by authors Brian Martinez, Meagan J. Meehan, Jon Grilz, and Drew Stepek, performed by host and narrator Otis Jiry, about horrific hunger, phantasmal fiends and friendship, haunted hotels, and the painful side of pleasure, all of them from the cutting room floor of Chilling Tales for Dark Nights’ newest crowd-funded horror anthology series, live now at

Meagan Meehan is our author for this episode, and it is her birthday, so the Simply Scary Podcast crew of malevolent miscreants have a special delivery for her special day. They will attempt to extract the most fearsome stories she has stored in her terrifying imagination. Join us we explore the Meagan’s mind, as only we can, in this very special on the road episode, “Monsters and Mayhem.”