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Before requesting a story, please read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES below.


Requesting that Chilling Tales For Dark Nights produce a story does **NOT** guarantee acceptance or production of the story.  Your request will be carefully screened and reviewed, and we will produce the story if we are interested.

We will only produce stories for which we have the explicit written permission of the authors to do so.  If you fail to provide a means of contacting the author and the story is not Creative Commons licensed, we are likely to reject the request. If you’d like a story produced, do some research and find the author, and provide us with as much of their contact information as possible.

Stories that are requested which are in clear violation of our submission guidelines below will be rejected immediately.

If you are looking to have a story produced, or need to hire our team or its members for commercial work, do **NOT** use this form. Instead, email the name, description, and details of your project to us directly at business (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com. We will then reply to you with a quote for the project.


STEP 1 | Compose an email  with the Subject Line worded as follows: STORY REQUEST – “[STORY TITLE HERE]”

STEP 2 | Provide the following information at the top of the body of your email:

Your Name
Your Email Address
Story Title
Author’s Name (if known)
Author’s Website (if known)
Author’s Email Address (if known)
URL/Source of the story

STEP 3 |  Provide a brief synopsis of the story under the details listed above

STEP 4 |  Paste the entire story in the body of your email; please remove any graphics from the story and attach them if they are necessary

STEP 5 | Email your story to requests (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com


If we like the story, we will seek permission from the author, or will note the Creative Commons license if provided, and will add the production to an upcoming slot on our production calendar. It may take 3-5 months for a requested story to appear on the site once approved. 


When determining whether or not to post a particular story that has been submitted, several factors are taken into consideration.

If a story suffers from any of the following initial problems, it will be rejected immediately:

  • Terrible spelling or grammar, other than for dramatic effect or to establish a character’s personality and upbringing
    Such issues distract from the plot and cause the reader to focus on correcting mistakes rather than on enjoying the story.  Bad spelling and grammar have ruined many an otherwise good story.  Sadly, we do not have the time to correct stories that suffer from these types of mistakes.  If you do not have the time to proof-read your story before submitting, please do not submit.  And if we reject your story on these grounds, don’t take it personally.
  • Excessive or unnecessary profanity
    Again, unless the brief and focused use of profanity or crude language is necessary to legitimately illustrate a character’s temperament or personality, it should not appear in stories published here. It is our opinion that such language is distracting and often detracts from otherwise good story lines.  When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Lack of punctuation or paragraphs
  • Not written in English
  • Entire story written in all capital letters
  • Written in parts
    It may work in television episodes or movies, but it doesn’t work for us here.  If your story is in parts, combine them together and send the entire thing at once.  If it is a great story and is too long to fully produce, we may feature it as text-only, or we may produce it as raw vocals, with no effects.  But if you send a partial story, the story will be rejected.
  • Blatantly unoriginal, plagiarized or rehashed content
    Generally speaking, we publish original material, and we value creativity and originality.  Stories rehashed from or based on other popular scary stories, or that feature popular characters such as Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, etc., will be summarily rejected on those grounds alone.  It is our opinion that these “fan-fic” style stories lessen the impact of the original stories that made the characters popular and reduce the appeal of the characters.
  • Abundance of pointless gore and/or shocking imagery for its own sake
  • Realistic/graphic depictions of abuse, torture, rape, suicide, murder, etc. with no connection to a moral and which do not further a plot, or that appear to be encouraging, glorifying, or promoting such behavior
    This is not scary. This is disturbing, and we will not publish or promote it.
  • Gratuitous and unnecessary sexual or pornographic scenes
    No exceptions. Many of our readers and listeners are in middle or high school.  Even if they were not, gratuitous depictions of nudity, sexual/pornographic scenes, or explicit sexual themes rarely improve a story and often detract from it.  If your story includes such content, we may reject it immediately, or we may ask you to revise the story to remove the offending scenes.

Beyond the above, we typically reject stories because they simply do not fit with our theme, or do not offer any chills or thrills.

Although we are quite capable of copy-editing a story and correcting grammatical and spelling errors, we do not offer editing services or writing advice.  If your story is rejected on the grounds that it violates one of the above guidelines, we are not obligated to (and will not) spell out every problem with the story, and we will not offer suggestions for specific changes.

Thank you very much for your story request and for your interest in our service!


  1. I suggested the Laughing Jack story by SnuffBomb. I hope they accept it since it’s a really good Creepypasta!~ u v u

  2. I wrote a story and I hope it gets posted. I do love the stories I hear, so I tried to make a good one too.
    Hope it is a real killer, pun intended. I love to watch and listen to all the scary stories. I listen to the reads on youtube all the time. It is one of my favorite things to do.

  3. Reaper of the Corn

    Wait, I changed my mind about the music. I want it to be songs from the Nox Arcana album Grimm Tales. You can decide which ever ones you like.