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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Big Toe (Short Horror Film Adaptation)


“The Big Toe” is a short horror film adaptation of the story of the same title as featured in Alvin Schwartz’s legendary book of scary folktales, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, about a poor boy who finds a big toe sticking out of the ground near a local cemetary.  Being the resourceful chap he his, he decides to ... Read More »

Bump (Short Horror Film)


Bump is a fantastic short independent horror film written by  Jerod Brennen, produced by Martin Troy and starring L.V. Alberto and Gina Evangelisti.  Two young co-eds housesitting for friends away on vacation.  Everything is going well until they hear “bumping” noises in the basement garage.  They investigate, of course. Check out more of Martin Troy’s work on YouTube here.   You ... Read More »

“I Told You To Smile” | Narrated by Sky Fortinski


Sometimes when you hear strange noises at night, you shouldn’t just assume it was the house settling, or someone playing tricks on you.  If the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you feel a chill down your spine, just start running.  You might get a head start before it catches you. With this vocal rendition of ... Read More »



This wonderfully original and award-winning short-film by Matt Bloom of Hurricane Films is based on the theory that as death approaches time slows to a crawl.  The question is – who is going to die and how? *WINNER: BEST HORROR/SCI FI: London Independent Film Festival* *WINNER: PLATINUM REMI DIRECTING AWARD: WorldFest, Houston* *WINNER: SILVER ACE AWARD: Las Vegas Film Festival* ... Read More »

Tailypo (Short Animated Folktale)


This short film by Matt Rogers was inspired by the infamous folktale of the same title, which is featured in many books and anthologies of folklore. There are literally hundreds of variants of this tale, including such well-known versions as Mark Twain’s “The Golden Arm” and selections from Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories books such as “Just Delicious,” “The Big Toe” ... Read More »

Just Delicious


This short film was inspired by the short story of the same title, which is featured in the book Scary Stories 3 by Alvin Schwartz.  Check it out - it’s an amazing collection of horror stories, with the most freakiest hand-drawn pictures ever. [sc:book-scary-stories-3] If you enjoyed this tale, perhaps you would be interested in the following items: [sc:folktale-faves] You Might Also Enjoy:“Frost” ... Read More »

“The Thing” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Voiceover artist Jonathan Jones tells this tale, based on the story of the same name by Alvin Schwartz in his book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, about a pair of young men who come across a strange creature in a farm field one afternoon.  Though they are not sure what “the thing” is at first, its purpose becomes ... Read More »