You guys are the best! I love the stories! Keep it up!

- Caleb Cook

Wow! By far one of the scariest podcasts ever!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is my go-to channel when I need a great story to listen to.

Michi Leigh
I love all of the stories published so far. I may not have been a subscriber for long, but I have recommended your channel to all of my friends. Continue all of the great work!

Tasha Gurney
I listen to these stories almost every single night. I love your channel! Your stories are amazing.

Eduardo Olivas
This is great! This channel should be everywhere!

Chris Bancroft
Thank you for creating these excellent narrations. It really is a privilege to help support you and your staff. Best wishes!

Nicole Singleton
Your have the best creepypasta stories!

Please continue uploading! I love these videos!

Am I the only one who looks at his phone and stops everything to listen to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights? You guys rock! Keep it up!

Sandhita Mittal
I can't believe CTFDN has grown so much over the past years, and you guys deserve so much more! Awesome job, guys!

Joshua K. Parker
Cheers to you, CTFDN. You all help keep aging imaginations and minds youthful and curious. Thank you so very much for the time and effort put into each post.

Daisy Bernal
I always watch your scary stories at night. They're the best!

Danny Do
Thanks for making my work day every day less dull!

Rene Bara
Hell, yeah! I'm a new subscriber, but this is already my favorite place for scary narrations! Keep up the good work!

I'm a long-time listener, and just became a patron. I work in security, which can have some "down time" at night, and I've been entertained many nights by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights for some time no.  Keep up the great work!

Wow, I'm blown away by how cool this is.

James Omahony
These are brilliant! You guys deserve a lot more subscribers. I can't sleep without hearing a good horror tale and the music and narration on the majority of the videos is great. Well done! 

Carl Rath
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is an amazing work of art! Bone-chilling stories are an amazing nod to the dark fears that lie in our souls, while giving us a thrill. God bless you all for persevering and uploading such epics!

These videos are the perfect thing to pass time on a 13-hour bus ride.

Annie Weston
Love this channel! I've heard every story faster than you supply them...me thinks I shall have a go at writing one myself!

Laura Henriksen
I am listening to CTFDN in bed, in the dark quietness, hours after discovering my uncle is dead. The last few years have seen us nearly homeless 3 times with our little boys, me developing horrid, potentially fatal infections and subsequent illness after, my self employment terminated, my possible insolvency, my father having a massive stroke and becoming blind in one eye, multiple deaths, and many many other things... they have been the hardest time of my entire life, including my house fire years ago. This place is one of the things that has been keeping me going, truly. I can't say how helpful this has been. Thank you. Keep it up, folks, you are awesome!

Sasha Eichstaedt
I am a huge fan of you guys! You do fantastic work on your videos! I've seen all of them! You guys are my idols! Good job!

Jacki Ward
Love the channel! Keep the good stories coming!

Izaya Vaness
You guys post awesome content! The sound effects and the great narrations are awesome!

Pamela Getchell
I'm so happy to see another audio theater group bringing about audio entertainment! Your work is creating a nice bridge between audio books and audio drama. I think this allows audio book lovers an introduction to the world of audio drama, and this world needs that bridge. Well done, and thank you!

Christopher Hancock
I am so glad I am subscribed to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. I love the horror stories on the channel. They are so much scarier and much less predictable than the crap Hollywood calls horror.

Danny Jones
I am older, but I can really dig this stuff you guys are doing! I love it!

Keoke Tautua Alofaituli
If only I could give Chilling Tales for Dark Nights a higher rating, I would! They are simply the best in horror storytelling available! Their actors bring the words to life!

Damian Figueroa
Keep up the good job! Your stories always keep me on the edge of my seat. Love and support!

Bryan Somerville (author of “The Rake”)
I have listened to a lot of your site’s work recently and have enjoyed all of it!

Christopher Hancock
This channel is amazing. I love how the stories actually scare and freak me out. Most horror movies are so predictable these days, they don't even come close.

Samantha Kephart
This is my favorite YouTube Channel! I love you guys!

Joshua Hood (Author)
CTFDN supports those in need, and that is why I like them. Most enterprises, especially growing ones, would be afraid to ask their fan base for money without trying to extort or cajole it, but the CTFDN team is always trying to help others out. Just goes to show you how awesome the horror community is. There's more humanity in an organization based on scaring and disturbing people than in so many other parts of the world that claim high-minded ideas. This is why I stick to small press and indie stuff.

Thank you for consistently posting stories that are better written and spookier/creepier/scarier than any other channel on YouTube.

Autumn Kalista
This channel really reminds me of the old Nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" It's like as if the show was on steroids, and this channel brings it to a whole new level.

Zabrina Saavedra
I LOVE Chilling Tales for Dark Nights - it's the BOMB! Plus, I love scaring my big brothers to death!

Michael Hernandez
I just want to let you guys know that I've been listening to your stories for months, and I just want to give my compliments to everyone. I love your scary stories!

Thanks for putting these stories up! They're amazing!

Mary Macabre
These are such high quality, it's crazy! I love some of the other horror storytellers out there, but if you're looking for something really high quality - not a narration, but an audio experience that will make you flip - this is it. Love these!

Jazzmin Moysey-Forrestall
Thank you for the great content! You guys are amazing!

Rohit Batish
Really mind blowing work. Keep it up!

Valtrina Gloyd
All your stories make me afraid to sleep at night! Keep up the good work! I love your channel.

Ronnie James
I would just like to say the narration and the voice acting is superb by you guys. I love most of your stories! You guys should have way more subscribers! Kudos to the writers as well.

Alice Cutter
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights definitely goes above and beyond for their fans.

Nanna Stahlschmidt
I just want to thank you for the awesome stories you post. I practice drawing a lot, and listening to these stories makes it more relaxing.

The Dirvish
This channel is so underrated!

Jeanine Sanders
I've gotten hooked on scary stories, and love listening to Otis! My boyfriend and I listen to Chilling Tales in the car, before bed, and when we wake up... it's basically all we do now!

I love this channel. The narrations of the stories are pretty much PERFECT every time. Awesome!

I LOVE the channel, and have listened to over 100 of the stories now!

Oh my! I'm so happy I've found this channel!