I absolutely love your channel! If you guys notice, I like and comment on most of your vids. I'm a dedicated fan! Remember me when you guys hit that million!

- Wilber Ramirez

King Stinkie
I thought I had found my narrator channels when I found Mr. Creepypasta & friends, but your channel is absolutely amazing! I'll make sure to listen more often to your stories. Keep up the good work!

Genora P. Fearn
You guys are amazing and you inspire me to keep writing horror stories!

OTTO Is here
Unlike other audio stories, these stories have no boundaries and are quite eerie. The amazing part is these story tellers are from the underground and yet seem much more talented than actors who come from Performing Arts backgrounds. Just shows how little talent exists in our mainstream and how they oppress those who possess real talent out there.

Thanks for replying to my comment! You don't get that from many channels.

Christopher Hancock
This channel is amazing. I love how the stories actually scare and freak me out. Most horror movies are so predictable these days, they don't even come close.

Valtrina Gloyd
All your stories make me afraid to sleep at night! Keep up the good work! I love your channel.

Ruben Haney
This is probably the best show on YouTube! So addictive! Everybody is really talented. Keep bringing the fear!

William Macrae-Smith (of MidnightCircle.com)
I am a regular listener of Chilling Tales For Dark Nights and I love it. Your stories are nice and scary and your narrators are some of the best I've heard.

I really appreciate all the effort all of you put in to everything you do! I've shared this channel with all my friends, and they all love you guys!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights's quality is unmatched within the story telling community, and as a group, not an individual, this makes you all the better than the rest.

Listening to your stories before I leave for work in the morning is always a nice start to the day!

The Brothers Griess
Just discovered this amazing podcast! We dream to be featured someday!

Rhaegar Targaryen
Glad I subscribed to this channel - best decision I ever made, no regrets at all. Well done, guys!

Susan Guillory
Love this podcast! I'm not really a podcast person but my husband is. He has me hooked on it! Love the stories and the narration! Keep up the good work!

Wow, awesome stories! You guys are just what I was looking for!

Tiffany Ro
I have been listening to and hooked on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights since I heard Milk Teeth and The Whistlers. The quality of your content, your narrators, your authors, your music and sound effects are amazing and beyond compare!

Arletrose Bunny
You guys are amazing in what you do - the sounds and effects are so good, it really makes it more enjoyable to watch! Great job!

Louis Costanzo
This channel is going to go a lot farther then 10,000 subscribers one day. I'll be there when you hit a million!

My husband and I listen to all your stories at night! Thank you for making them! Do make more!

Connor McNamara
I love getting into work and seeing a new video posted. I know that at least I'll have an hour and twenty minutes of happiness today.

I just found this channel today and I just gotta say, "wow!" This channel is terrific, the stories are interesting, and I can't wait for more! GREAT CHANNEL!

Astrofig (Jane)
I've found out the hard way that The Simply Scary Podcast is not a good podcast to listen to when house-sitting alone after dark. Between G.M. Danielson's too-smooth narration, the disturbing imagery and spooky sound design, I really shouldn't keep tormenting myself like this, but I just keep coming back for more.

Janele Whipple
You guys are the people I go to for scary stories. You guys are the best!

Pierre De Pauw
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights makes every evening one full of excitement and scares. Please, CTFDN, do the world a favor and keep on narrating and using those wonderful voices of yours!

Gerry Wooten
I absolutely love the podcast! Between Chilling Tales and The No Sleep Podcast, my love of horror/suspense is satiated daily!

Katie Mullaly (Author for The Buzz)
I visit Chilling Tales for Dark Nights so often I decided to add them to my toolbar!

This channel is too addictive. Went from "just one story before bed" to "just one more before I have to get up."

Gojira Smith
I think this is a very underrated channel. It has very good audio quality and offers many different readers. Definitely deserves more subscribers.

Love your website! I've already recommended it to all my friends. I have yet to read a story (or hear one on video) that didn't make at least one shiver go down my spine. My favorite one of your narrators is Jonathan Jones. Keep up the awesome work!

Chris Bancroft
Thank you for creating these excellent narrations. It really is a privilege to help support you and your staff. Best wishes!

I just happened to accidentally find this channel, but damn is it a "happy" accident. Your stories don't send chills down my spine or a rush of endorphins to the brain like Mr. Creepypasta's stories, but your voice and the depth and visual-detailing prowess from your words is just pure otherworldly, far better than any channel I've seen. Like someone already stated, you're more so a psychological style of horror, one that gets me thinking. Love this channel, so you sir have +1 subscriber!

Knighta Nine
Any story from this channel is bound to be good, horror or not. You have excellent taste in music, content, and especially, narrators!

You guys are awesome and you deserve every subscriber you have.

Danny Jones
I am older, but I can really dig this stuff you guys are doing! I love it!

Shakeem Siler
Hope you guys get a million subscribers eventually!

Izaya Vaness
You guys post awesome content! The sound effects and the great narrations are awesome!

Morrigan Ravenmist
There are so many talented people with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. It is one of my most favorite channels! Thanks for giving us the fantastic content you keep giving, and to the amazing writers who send you their material to read!

Cody Wharden
I'm going to get my friends to try and help to get you guys more views and get your name out there. You guys ought to be all but synonymous with Mr. Creepypasta.

Rachel Holloway
Such amazing content! It's clear how much work these pieces all take.

I can't understand why your channel isn't extremely popular. I mean, I love these stories!

Jon Last
I'm subscribing. Your narrations are really good! The stories are excellent - they really build suspense. This is the kind of stuff I have been looking for!

Keith Myers (Author)
I have been collecting old time radio shows for over 25 years, and just recently discovered your website as well as your narrations on YouTube, and am completely hooked.

Anna Lunak
I like the narrations.

Truly, you guys deserve more subscribers than you have. It amazes me that you don't have at least a million.

Larry Blanton
Love the podcast! Wish it was daily and more than hour. Please keep up great work!

Jeannette Stone
Love these guys! The stories are awesome and the sounds just add to the effect of fear. Great job, guys! Keep up the great work!

Vic Flight
You guys are scaring the crap out of me at 10 in the morning. I have tears in my eyes right now. I love these stories.

Alice Cutter
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights' sound effects, clarity and the general quality of everything they produce is amazing!

James Barton
Love this channel and the site! This is like the continuation of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!

Jesse Calvey
I am really happy I subscribed to this channel. I get creeped out every time! Love your work!