I seriously love Chilling Tales for Dark Nights! Good narration is a must!

- OneDizzyPenguin

Max Monte
Great stories!

Sabina Marie
I absolutely love waking up and seeing a new scary story update from you guys! Thank you for sharing these amazing tales with us! Please, never stop doing what you do! Love you, CTFDN!

Blake Bradshaw
I love and really enjoy your videos, channel, narrators and sound effects in all your stories!

Carol G.
I honestly don't understand why this channel doesn't have so many more subscribers. The production quality is so high and professional!

Jamie Flynn
You guys are amazing! I love, love, love your stories! Keep it up!

I really love your stories and your channel so much!

I love this channel and I listen to it every night.  Good job!

Shannon McIntyre
You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work!

Bea Vang
Amazing horror stories! I have listened to quite a few and will catch up on all of the other podcasts/stories/videos. Amazing sound effects, narration, stories, and voice acting. I am a lover of stories and these are high quality horror stories. I listen to these almost daily at work! Thank you, Chilling Takes for Dark Nights, for making audio storytelling so fresh, exciting, scary, and exhilaratingly fun to listen to!

Tiffany Ro
I have been listening to and hooked on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights since I heard Milk Teeth and The Whistlers. The quality of your content, your narrators, your authors, your music and sound effects are amazing and beyond compare!

Bryan Medof
I  stumbled upon your site on YouTube by accident. I'm glad I did!

Merry Maxwell
I love to watch and listen to all the scary stories. I listen to the reads on YouTube all the time! It is one of my favorite things to do.

Priscilla Duarte
Absolutely love this channel! Greetings from sunny California!

Edgaras Neverdauskas
I really enjoy listening to your stories. All of your voice actors are just purely awesome! You are the first YouTube channel which makes me more entertained through listening than through watching. I really appreciate your many years of effort, and wish you the best in the coming months!

Awesome work! I just started listening and love your podcast so much! Reminds me of Tales from the Crypt, but better!

Fisher Dodson
Thanks for making scary stories that I've never heard! They are really good!

Alice Cutter
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights definitely goes above and beyond for their fans.

Vince and Rachelle Davies
I absolutely love these tales of horror! I stumbled across these guys by accident and haven't looked back since. I love the range of stories they have to offer! The voice acting, stories and music are incredible! Thank you for the work you do. I can't wait for more sleepless nights!

Mike Boyle
This is awesome! Much appreciation to you guys. You make my day better with all your chilling tales!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights's quality is unmatched within the story telling community, and as a group, not an individual, this makes you all the better than the rest.

Sharpshooter Filmz
I listened to five stories last night - didn't sleep for four hours. That's how good these stories are! Surprisingly, they're the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work, you're awesome!

Cat Voleur
I will keep promoting this channel ferociously! Chilling Tales for Dark Nights does great work, and I'm happy to help in any way that I can!

Thomas Lennear Jones III
I have been listening to your podcast since you started and since then I have eagerly awaited each new episode! Thank you so much for bringing new authors to my attention! Keep up the great work!

Jon Cross
I honestly haven't found another quality channel like this one at all. Great job!

Fox Stone
I just want to take this time to thank you, and everyone involved, for the hard work that's put into sharing these stories with us. Most of us can't imagine the challenges you face doing so.

Alicia Pavlis (Narrator)
It can be difficult to find projects where everything just gels and everyone gets along and works hard for the cause, so I have huge respect for Craig Groshek and everyone else involved with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

Dude, this is just...amazing. I mean, your stories are great, and you don't need jumpscares to freak people out. You are the best on YouTube!

Seán Coogan
The Chilling Tales for Dark Nights YouTube channel restored my love for horror, and the overall quality of their podcast is incredible!

DExtreme Productions
I love this channel.

Chelsea Giguere
Just wanted to say I'm a HUGE fan of what you do. I listen almost every single day and simply can't get enough. The longer ones are a perfect substitute to music when wanting something to listen to when cleaning the house.

Samantha Howells
I love your videos. I get so happy when you bring out a new story! I love listening to them!

This is one of my all-time favorite channels, it is unparalleled!

Lhaeweth Greenleaf
I absolutely adore the quality of the CTFDN channel. All the little background noises, from the chatting, and the crackling fire, to the clanking of the plates and the eerie music. Thank you for all the great videos!  

Michael Martin
I love this channel! These stories are really intense.

Mike Boyle
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights are so much better than 90% of the horror suspense genre that's out there in pop culture! All of the Hollywood cookie-cutter stories combined don't equal the quality of CTFDN!

Emmanuel Contreras
You guys have inspired me to continue writing stories. Before, people told to stop because it was weird. But now, I have learned to ignore them and now, I have began to feel more like my old self. Thank you!

Stephanie Thomas
I love you, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights! Please don't ever stop.

Hazel Silva
You guys rock! I just discovered your website via YouTube. It's awesome! The voice actors are pretty good and the sound effects? Man, oh, man... really creepstatic! Thank you for creating awesome audio stories!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is my go-to channel when I need a great story to listen to.

I LOVE the channel, and have listened to over 100 of the stories now!

I really appreciate what you are doing and you are doing it really good. Keep it up!

Marilyn Ramirez
You guys are amazing! Every night before I go to sleep, I put my earphones on and fall asleep to your twisted tales.

Alice Cutter
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights always, always, always gives the best quality!

Michael Mitchell
Thank you for bringing us the amazing audio entertainment and the nightmare fuel!

Tatianna Stoesz
I always love seeing one of your videos in my subscriptions box. There's always something exciting about knowing a story is going to be good, and with this channel, I know it's not going to be a "lazy" video. I love how the narrators' voices usually match what I think the characters would sound like. I can't help but love these, especially since you can tell the amount of work that's gone into them.

This is the best thing I have accidentally stumbled upon while bored. I love it!

Casey Plotnick
You have an awesome channel! I've subscribed!

Kristin Dziedzic
Thanks for the nightmares, CTFDN! Keep 'em coming!

Great narrating, and very good sound effects! Hands down: best narration channel!

Wilber Ramirez
So I looked up other channels that do the same things that you do (i.e. that tell stories), and you guys are my FAVORITE one! It shocks me how Mr. Creepypasta has, like, 400,000 subs and you guys have 19,000. You guys have way better editing and narrators, but in due time you'll be seeing the same numbers.