Fantastic work! These stories keep me on the edge of my seat!

- Lo5RA13

M.J. Pack (Author)
You guys do great work!

I love what Chilling Tales for Dark Nights does. Their stories inspire me to tell scary stories. Keep up the creepy work!

Jim Lahey
It sucks that there are multiple creepypasta channels out there with way more subs that have horrible narration... once people start to really notice Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, I wouldn't be surprised if the sub count skyrockets!

Janele Whipple
You guys are the people I go to for scary stories. You guys are the best!

Emmanuel Contreras
You guys have inspired me to continue writing stories. Before, people told to stop because it was weird. But now, I have learned to ignore them and now, I have began to feel more like my old self. Thank you!

K.E. Moore (Author)
Unlike other sites I've submitted stories to, I have been a massive fan of CTFDN for some time. That is to say, I'll put your Nightmare Fuel playlist on my phone and listen to that as I go to sleep. When I met my girlfriend, who is as into scary stories as much as I am, one of the first things I showed her is your channel, and we go to sleep to the many stories you have on your site. So, finally getting a story accepted by your site is on par with the cliche of having a dream come true. I am a physicist by trade, but the dream for me is to get paid as a writer. All of this to say that this opportunity and what I hope will develop into a relationship is beyond anything I hoped would actually come to pass. I thank you for everything. I am incredibly honored by your acceptance of my story. Thank you.

Felipe Segura
What makes your channel different from other channels is that you add life and character to your narration, which is kind of hard to find nowadays.

Tatianna Stoesz
I always love seeing one of your videos in my subscriptions box. There's always something exciting about knowing a story is going to be good, and with this channel, I know it's not going to be a "lazy" video. I love how the narrators' voices usually match what I think the characters would sound like. I can't help but love these, especially since you can tell the amount of work that's gone into them.

Genora P. Fearn
Been a loyal fan since 2014. You guys never disappoint!

Kyriakos Louka
I'm 19 years old, from Cyprus (a small island next to Greece). I was born blind and I remain blind. I wanted to let you know that I love your website, and every day, before practicing the accordion (my musical instrument of choice), I listen to lot of your stories, and they make me feel fantastic!

E. Matthews (Author)
The contests held every month by your website are a great opportunity for young, aspiring writers like myself to show what they can do given a simple objective. Chilling Tales has showcased some great stories, bringing attention to lesser known individuals with a dream similar to mine. So, on behalf of all horror and creepypasta writers, I say thank you!

Nathan Wear
I am so glad I have found your channel! Being an avid reader of horror and fantasy, I love a good story, and the way you guys do it, it's almost like a movie in my mind! Thanks so much for the hard work and such a great channel!

Marshall Arts
It's difficult to find the level of love and care the team at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights puts into their work.

Michael Martin
I love this channel! These stories are really intense.

Danny Do
Thanks for making my work day every day less dull!

Shakeem Siler
You guys always do an awesome job. I always like listening to the stories late at night and always look forward to your newest ones.

I've read the creepypasta "Jeff the Killer" a bunch of times, and when I heard Chilling Tales was making a "Jeff The Killer" narration, I couldn't wait. Now that I've watched it, I'm amazed with everything in it. It turned out way better than I had expected. Keep it up with the amazing tales!

Tyler Porter
You guys are my new favorite creepypasta readers!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights's quality is unmatched within the story telling community, and as a group, not an individual, this makes you all the better than the rest.

Eriz A. Frost
Your stories keep me on the edge of my chair to the very end. I have nothing but praises to say. You guys are amazing.

Katie Mullaly (Author for The Buzz)
I visit Chilling Tales for Dark Nights so often I decided to add them to my toolbar!

Jon Cross
I honestly haven't found another quality channel like this one at all. Great job!

Timothy Sittler
Thank you for bringing back old time radio! Beautiful work! Reminds me of radio mystery theater! Again, great job! Keep up the wonderful work!

Just found your YouTube channel and website today and, man, I must say that it is definitely one of the best I've come across. The dramatic sound effects that you add into these stories at certain times add so much more depth and immersion to the narration than any of the other creepypasta channels I'm subscribed to.

Eriz A. Frost
I love the video! I always click "Like" before viewing them, because I already know it's going to be good! #1 fan of this channel, love your work! Keep it up!

Marshall Arts
Wow, such amazing voice talent and use of sound as well!  It's difficult to find this level of love and care put into creepypasta readings.  The rustling campfire sounds and the voices of the children during the narrations...  obviously lots of work. Best of luck to you guys.  Definitely earned another sub!

Faye Gollob
Just discovered this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Ben Goffrey
Your stories are so amazing! They creeped me out and I found myself clinching my hands constantly! You guys really know how to create a perfect visualization in the mind of what's happening! This is some crazy good work and I've been recommending you to everyone I know! Keep it up!

Kendra Messaoudi
My kids love these stories!

Jeannette Stone
Love these guys! The stories are awesome and the sounds just add to the effect of fear. Great job, guys! Keep up the great work!

You have so many great productions! Thank you so much for doing all this, and an extra 'thank you' for featuring so many stories with a female point of view! When I first started listening to horror narrations, it was super difficult to find anything both written and narrated by ladies - and yours (along with The NoSleep Podcast) were the first ones I found that features them. As a girl, I guess there's just something extra relatable to the stories when you're the same sex as the narrator, as a lot of social anxieties and fears are still rooted in gender constructs.

I love this channel and its stories!

The quality of the podcast is downright amazing. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights was already doing the best short horror work on YouTube, but the podcast cranks it up to 11!

Thank you for consistently posting stories that are better written and spookier/creepier/scarier than any other channel on YouTube.

Holly Anne
I literally squeal when I see a new story of yours in my subscriptions. Well done to everyone involved! Such a wonderful, professional channel. It is my favourite!

Katalina Meowsworth
I love CTFDN! I listen to your channel every night. Sometimes I have to sleep with my cats because it gets scary. I love you guys!

You guys are awesome! The reason I started to listen to you guys is because I got rid of TV/cable, and this is so much more entertaining to me now!

Debbie Hess (Filmmaker)
I love the YouTube page! So much quality, well-presented content there. Very impressive! I can't wait to tell my husband about this, because he writes all our stories for Horror Hotel. He loves radio theater as we all do.

Oh my! I'm so happy I've found this channel!

Duffy Harris
So glad I came across CTFDN! Definitely one of my favorites!

Just wanted to say I love your channel!

Janae Kathryn Allison‎
I only just found you guys, and already I'm hooked. I've listened to at least a dozen stories a day and keep finding new favorites. Thank you all so much for what you do. You guys deserve massive support!

Please continue uploading! I love these videos!

Wilber Ramirez
I'd like to say thank you soooooo much for creating the site and YouTube channel. This is my favorite channel!

I really admire the atmosphere. You really capture the emotion like no one else does. Good job, guys!

I want to say that I love your YouTube channel! You guys are awesome, and thanks for the scares and sleepless nights. Really, you guys are great! Can't wait for more awesome stories!

Fantastic narration - thank you. You brought my daughter's story to life.

Jonni Tapia
The stories are pretty cool and spooky - really nice! Congratulations to the staff! Here in Ecuador, we listen to your stories every night before sleeping. Thank you all for making our nights the most peculiar ones!

Wow! You guys are so awesome!

Erin Phillips
I would like to thank everyone at Chilling Tales for the hard work and dedication that has been put into this channel, it does not go unnoticed by your true fans. Many nights I have stayed up whether I'm having a restless night or doing homework and y'all are always there to keep me company and focused.