To have my story posted on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is an absolute honor! I can't thank them enough for bringing my story to life. Their production was flawless! My friends and family are all very impressed!

- Sumaiyah Tasneem (Featured Author)

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights6 hours ago
We're building a YouTube alternative for the audio horror and creepypasta community.

Below is the list of the features we have planned for our Chilling Tales for Dark Nights audio horror app, which we'll be funding shortly via Kickstarter. If funding is successful, we intend to roll the technology out to other YouTubers who would like to use it, such as Let's Read, Dr. Creepen, HorrorStudio1, ClancyPasta, and many, many more.

We're not just building an app. We're building a future for those of us who have been censored and demonetized on YouTube, and who are fed up with corporate interests drowning out our creativity and passion, who couldn't care less about our genre, let alone whether their own products work as promised.

Building an amazing app that will provide us and others in the community a much-needed alternative to YouTube will require the support and assistance of our collective fan-bases, both financially and for beta / bug testing purposes.

We may not have the billions that YouTube has, but collectively we have the power to change things for the better, not just for CTFDN, but for the entire audio horror community, who are desperately crying out for alternatives to increasingly trigger-happy corporate interests.

We'll be seeking the support of all of you, as we do this for you, and we can't do it without you.

Without further ado, the features...

Free to Download, Ad-Supported, with Credit-Based System and In-App Purchases
(no need to buy anything or spend any money to enjoy content)
o New content added weekly
o Earn credits every time an ad plays, and apply them to unlock additional content
o Purchase credits to unlock content faster, remove ads, and help support the app
o Weekly, monthly, and annual membership options to unlock all content and remove ads
o Content, once unlocked, remains unlocked permanently

o Background Play
o Sync Across Multiple Mobile Devices
o Push Notifications
o Data Protection Toggle: Stream / Download Only While Connected to Wi-Fi Only
o Stories are streamed from our servers, not stored on your device, keeping the app size small
o Sleep Timer (stop play automatically after 1/2 hour, 1 hour, or when story is done)
o Autoplay and Random/Shuffle mode toggles
o Choose between light and dark color themes
o media links: easily access links to CTFDN social media pages
o Contact / feedback / bug report / support form(s)
o In-app story submission feature

o Play / pause buttons
o Volume controls
o Click-and-drag progress bar
o Previous / next track
o Skip ahead feature (:30, 1:00, 5:00)
o Playback speed options (0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x)
o Auto-Limiters: limit volume to a certain level to avoid sudden loud noises

o Rate and review stories
o “Favorite” individual stories – easy to use on/off toggle
o Bookmarks – remember where one left off automatically on any story
o Read/Unread – toggle between “listened to” / “not listened to” statuses
o Watchlist / “Listen Later” list
o Custom Playlist Creation – put all your favorites into curated collections
o Add private notes to individual stories
o Add custom private tags to individual stories
o Participate in “Leaderboard” competitions and earn badges and more credits

o Offline downloading with multiple audio quality choices
o Ad-free experience

o Search – within titles, and within tags and fields content, descriptions
o Rank in charts displayed beside stories
o Sorting & Filtering – by tags/fields (author, narrator, composer, theme, genre), as well as by track length (micro, short, medium, long, epic), release date, average rating, # of reviews / comments
o Calendar Mode – search for stories by the month/year of their release
o Category / Theme / Genre View – view only stories that match specific criteria/tags
o Trending Charts – based on # of views/listens in past 24-36 hours
o “What’s New” section – quickly find content added recently
o “What’s Next” section – sneak peeks of content scheduled to be released soon
o Top Charts – sort by past 24 hours, week, month, year, or all-time
o “You Might Also Enjoy” Recommendations based on listening preferences

o Easily view the credits for each story, including narrator(s), author(s), composer(s), and more, and easily find more content by those individuals with a touch
o Flairs to designate stories that are trending, top in their categories, contest winners
o Custom support for chapter-based, multiple part stories and serialized content
o Optional ambient video background during audio playback (moon, rain, campfire)

Our wish list includes several more long-range, interactive features, including:

o Reading mode, where you can not only listen, but also read stories with a built-in eReader
o Ambient horror music player, so you can enjoy tunes while reading
o Creation of public user playlists, which can be shared with friends and the community
o Social media style commenting with replies
o Support for the visually-impaired
o Read-along features, with text on-screen synced with audio

If you have other features or benefits you'd like to see added to the list, please leave a comment or email us and let us know, at craig [at]

Thank you for your time, and for your support of our efforts to build a better horror audio platform.

The CTFDN Team
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights7 hours ago
The horror narration community on YouTube needs an alternative to Google and corporate-run platforms, where they give up 50% of their proceeds to huge companies that could care less about them or the horror genre. We have said that we're planning on building an app for CTFDN, and thought to ourselves, why not build the code so that once it's finished, it can be offered to other channels and podcasts as well? Anyone producing audio horror content could then have their own app built using our framework, and benefit from the work we've done. If we can remove the impediment to building a quality horror audio app, we'd like to use that technology to benefit everyone in the community who has been demonetized and censored by YouTube. #exodus
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights18 hours ago
There's no such thing as being alone in the woods... Enjoy "The Tree Keeper" by Aaron Shotwell, performed by Otis Jiry, available on YouTube now.

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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights18 hours ago
Please join us in congratulating the following 25 contestants who will officially be competing in this year's 2018 Evil Idol voice acting competition beginning Monday, August 20th, 2018, the winner of which will receive a $500 cash grand prize. A full list of this year's participants, along with photos, bios, and social media links, can be found on our website here:

Congratulations and best of luck to all of this year's contestants!

Grax Bishop
June Yoon
Angel VanScoik
Krystal Hall
Ian Bryan
James Croft
Jake McCarthy
Justine Anastasia
Megan Kerstetter
Andrew Christian
Seth Paul
Adam Woolley
Deanna Cagle
Max Kane
Derek Hawke
The Crow Flies
Jesse "The Voice of Insanity" Brown
Myles Catania
Theo Murray
Dayjan Lesmond
Darkness Tales
Lady Mcreepsta
Christopher Pappa

RE: Grax Bishop, Krystal Hall, Ian Thecrappygenie, Warcroft Design, Prettydcayed, Seth Paul, The Voice of Insanity, Darkness Tales, Lady MCreepsta, Derek Hawke, Brindolyn McNair, Jason Hill, Otis Jiry, Steve Taylor Voiceovers, Ashley Tolfo, Andrew Berrios, Jonathan West, Olivia Steele, VO - Aurora Guinivere Price
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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights1 day ago
At this point, we are 99% certain our first 100k or so subscribers are not receiving notifications of any kind when we upload here on YouTube. Thousands of YouTubers big and small have been claiming that YT's notifications system has been wonky for years, and we've suspected it was impacting us as well. Lately, however, we were able to confirm via analytics that only 20-30% of our listeners are being notified of our uploads, and this small percentage are all subscribers reached in the past 12-18 months. Anyone prior to that does not appear to be receiving notifications unless they have gone into YT's completely baffling notification settings (which they keep changing every 5-6 months, it seems), and manually reset their settings for their account globally, or for every channel manually. Since close to 90% of users never did this, we and other channels have seen significant drops in the # of views we've been getting on videos, despite no or little change in output. On top of that, YouTube's algorithms continue to reward clickbait and shadow-demonetize any channels or content with keywords or tags which even remotely trigger their poorly-programmed bots.

Given all of this skullduggery on YouTube's part, and all the technical issues they don't seem to want to fix, not to mention the constant censorship, demonetization and broken copyright/content ID systems, as you might imagine we are quite frustrated with the platform.

It's absurd to think that we (and thousands of others) worked hard 2010 - 2015 to accumulate tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of subscribers in some cases, only to have unwanted and unneeded behind-the-scenes processes and coding completely cut us off from our fans, who often lead busy lives and rely on the notifications to realize that we've released new content.

It took years to reach all of our listeners organically, and the notifications no longer working for 1/2 of our fanbase effectively forced us to "start over" in 2016. If you didn't adjust your notifications settings, and didn't have the habit of checking our channel manually, you simply didn't hear from us. And YouTube provides no way to message subscribers who *want* to hear from you, without being labeled "spam" and "violating T.O.S."

What's the solution?
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights1 day ago
The devil is in the delicious details... Enjoy "Meal Deal" by Ian Sputnik, performed by Kristin Holland, available on YouTube now.

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