Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights39 minutes ago
In honor of the launch of the 2018 Evil Idol voice acting competition, a BRAND NEW episode of The Simply Scary Podcast eaturing the full 5-part series, "Operation Stingray" by H. K. Reyes, is now available, and 100% free, starring (and hosted by) 2017 Evil Idol champion Jonathan West! Listen to it here now:

Thank you to Empty Faces for their support of this episode.

Empty Faces is a monthly membership that spins dark tales for you to investigate through clues, codes, and ciphers. Each box includes items to aid your investigation, correspondence to interpret, objects to explore, and messages to analyze! Nothing is as it seems. Like a ghost hunter, you must look closely at all the materials and think outside the box.

Listeners can get 10% off their first adventure with Empty Faces, using the code SCARY. Just visit to sign up, and use the promo code SCARY, to let them know the Simply Scary Podcast sent you. Before you know it, you’ll be knee-deep in mystery.

Stay spooky, everybody!

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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights1 hour ago
The 2018 Evil Idol horror voice acting competition has officially begun! Check out and vote on the entry for tonight's contestant # 1, Grax Bishop, as he performs the classic H. P. Lovecraft tale, "The Beast in the Cave," for your approval. Voting is simple! Want Grax to progress? UP VOTE the video. Want him eliminated? DOWN VOTE the video. Thank you for participating!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights11 hours ago
We've got an action-packed day today! EVIL IDOL 2018 debuts tonight, hosted by 2017's winner Jonathan West, and featuring our first contestant of the year, Grax Bishop, performing an H. P. Lovecraft classic. We also have a new chapter of Waking Nightmare (chapter 3!) featuring Dr. Van Pasta's Creepy Pasta and Jason Hill as well as a new episode of The Simply Scary Podcast on the way!

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights12 hours ago
Every family has their secrets... Enjoy the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights release of "The Reappearance of Carrie Mae" by Daniel DuBois, performed by Otis Jiry, available on YouTube now: And don't forget to check out dozens of other tales on Jiry's podcast, Scary Stories Told in the Dark:

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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights1 day ago
Hey, YouTube, care to explain how our "Knuckle Supper" chapter 1 video is greenlit for monetization, and had 141,717 views in the past 90 days, but only had 817 ads played (0.6% of the views were monetized), after we appealed your "not advertiser-friendly" notice and allegedly WON the appeal? Our average # of views which are monetized (with an ad displayed on them) is 65-85%. THIS IS NOT OKAY. What's the point of having an appeal process to request "manual review," only to have the video "greenlit", just to get "shadow demonetized"? Other chapters of the audio book are also sitting at 1-2% monetized, even though they've also been reviewed and deemed "advertiser friendly." Seriously, WTF, YouTube? This is egregious.
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights2 days ago
Tonight the master of the macabre has returned! That's right. Otis Jiry has returned safely to Vancouver, BC, and has his microphone on and is ready to rock. And in a moment of synchronicity, he enjoyed a fortune cookie along with his dinner tonight (see attached), and it speaketh the truth.

"You have the ability to accomplish great things."
- Delicious magic cookie

His first episode of Scary Stories Told in the Dark, featuring him as host, since his departure from the U.S. went live today. Show Otis Jiry Voiceovers/Sapperton Sound Voice some love and check out his podcast today!

Or check out a brand new narration on his channel tonight!

Or check out a new narration on CTFDN:

Welcome back, Otis!

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