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“The Soul Game” by Christopher Bloodworth | Narrated by Emma Froh


Welcome to Chilling Tales For Dark Nights our newest narrator – Emma Froh!  Emma’s stories have been featured here before, narrated by our other voiceover artists, but this is her first appearance as a narrator. In this mesmerizing tale narrated by Emma Froh, author Christopher Bloodworth introduces us to an unnamed mother and her son Jesse.  Life is normal until ... Read More »

Broken Night (Short Horror Film)


A mother and her daughter are on a leisurely ride across empty, rolling country. The good times are shattered when Mom turns a blind corner and crashes into a deer in the road. The collision sends the van off the road and down into a field where it comes to rest upside down. Miraculously, both of them have survived, but Mom ... Read More »

“The Tapping Next Door” by Georgia Brandon | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


Jonathan Jones narrates this first-person psychological tale of terror by author Georgia Brandon, about a man living alone in an apartment, who is kept awake at night by the noises emanating from his neighbor’s apartment.  His paper-thin walls do nothing to soften the banging…or the tapping…the desperate, pleading tapping, which seems to beg for his attention.  Who…or what…is trying to ... Read More »

“Curfew” by Craig Groshek | Narrated by Keenon Brevik


Keenon Brevik voices this tale written by author Craig Groshek, about a hopelessly stubborn man whose very stubbornness leads to his untimely disappearance. The story was produced as an entry into the Wisconsin Public Radio “flash fiction” horror writing contest in October 2012. “Curfew” Author: Craig Groshek Narrator: Keenon Brevik You Might Also Enjoy:“The Midnight Man” | Narrated by Tinkerpied ... Read More »

“Jeff the Killer” by Sesseur | Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta


This is perhaps the most popular creepypasta story / meme on the entire Internet, with the exception of Slenderman.  It is the story of a disgruntled youth who goes to extreme measures to change his appearance after becoming a sociopath rather suddenly, following some…unpleasant…events.  The rendition of the tale is told here by YouTube phenomenon Mr. Creepypasta.  Please show your ... Read More »

Don’t Go Near the Old Ash Tree (Animated Horror Film)


A wonderfully short and haunting tale of a little girl, her mother and a lone tree out in a field which would be better off left alone – written and produced by author Katy Towell.  Her neighbor warned them, but everyone knows that meddling neighbors can’t be trusted.  Right? Click here to check out Katy Towell’s published books! Don’t Go ... Read More »

One Winter’s Night (Animated Horror Film)


An excellent animated short horror film written and produced by Emlyn Boyle.  It is based on a rhyme he wrote in 2008.  Per Emlyn himself, “Anyone who really loves ghost stories, gothic tales, horror stories, Halloween, scary rhymes, macabre poetry, gothic fairy tales, vampire stuff, Tim Burton movies, or just films and animation in general should appreciate it.”  And we do! ... Read More »

“Father McSweeny” | Narrated by Craig Groshek


Craig Groshek tells this short tale about an Irish parish priest named Father McSweeny, who was unpopular but respected in life and who died young, to the relief of many.  But rather than rest in peace, Father McSweeny had other plans. Original story source: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t12596.html Father McSweeny Author: Anonymous Narrator: Craig Groshek Father McSweeny, an Irish priest, returned to the town ... Read More »

“Eugene” by Charles Swain | Narrated by Kellie Fitzgerald


Narrator Kellie Fitzgerald brings to life another of author Charles Swain’s original tales of terror.  In this macabre entry, you’ll meet a painter and his unlikely muse, an elderly man named Eugene.  The struggling artist is having trouble with his latest piece.  Just how far will he go to succeed?  Listen to this fantastic short scary story to find out. ... Read More »