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“Pass It On” by Emma Froh | Narrated by Steven Long


“Pass It On” Author: Emma Froh Narrator: Steven Long Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © Emma Froh Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Steven Long tells this tale of the creepypasta genre about a not-at-all ominous photo of a pair of twins, which is distributed in chain letter fashion, with an unsettling twist and an ultimatum …

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“Water Puppet” by Emma Froh | Narrated by Keenon Brevik


“Water Puppet” Author: Emma Froh Narrator: Keenon Brevik Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Emma Froh Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Keenon Brevik voices a tale written by horror aficionado Emma Froh.  In what Emma calls her first “stab” at a monster story, we follow the tale of a fearless young man.  An adrenaline junkie, the young man is put …

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“The House on the Lake” by Mark Newton | Narrated by Edward Bennett


“The House on the Lake” Author: Mark Newton Narrator: Edward Bennett Sound Design: Mark Newton Post-Production: Mark Newton Music Production: Mark Newton Audio production © Mark Newton Story © Mark Newton Narrator Edward Bennett tells this cautionary tale of a boy and his father who live together on a lake.  The boy gives his father the age-old excuse typically used to stay up at night, …

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“I Told You To Smile” by Robert Cherry | Narrated by Sky Fortinski


“I Told You To Smile” Author: Robert Cherry Narrator: Sky Fortinski Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Robert Cherry Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Sky Fortinski narrates this classic creepypasta tale by author Robert Cherry that teaches us that sometimes when you hear strange noises at night, you shouldn’t just assume it was the house settling, or someone playing …

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“What Lies Beneath” by Charles Swain | Narrated by Kellie Fitzgerald


“What Lies Beneath” Author: Charles Swain Narrator: Kellie Fitzgerald Sound Design: Kellie Fitzgerald Post-Production: Kellie Fitzgerald Audio production © Charles Swain Story © Charles Swain Kellie Fitzgerald voices this delightfully horrific tale by author Charles Swain. Some people believe that monsters only come out at night.  But in this story, the latest rumors of creatures were not of the type found in corners …

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“The Thing in the Window” | Narrated by Jordan Antle


“The Thing in the Window” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Jordan Antle Sound Design: Jordan Antle Post-Production: Jordan Antle Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Narrator and YouTube gaming personality Jordan Antle narrates this story by an anonymous author, a dreadful tale of terror about a boy and a creature outside his window – a creature that will not stop staring at him.

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“The White Wolf” by S.E. Schlosser | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


“The White Wolf” Author: S.E. Schlosser Narrator: Jonathan Jones Sound Design: Jonathan Jones Post-Production: Jonathan Jones Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © S.E. Schlosser Narrator Jonathan Jones brings new life to this classic S.E. Schlosser tale of terror from Texas, featured on Schlosser’s website, www.americanfolklore.net, as well as in her published collection of Texas folktales and scary stories, Spooky Texas: Tales of Hauntings, …

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“The Thing” | Narrated by Jonathan Jones


“The Thing” Author: Anonymous Narrator: Jonathan Jones Sound Design: Jonathan Jones Post-Production: Jonathan Jones Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2012 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Voiceover artist Jonathan Jones tells this tale, based on the story of the same name by Alvin Schwartz in his book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, about a pair of young men who come …

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