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“Gabriel-Ernest” by Saki | Narrated by David Lewis Richardson


“Gabriel-Ernest” Author: Saki Narrator: David Lewis Richardson Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Saki Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC David Lewis Richardson narrates this classic tale by the author Saki, about a gentleman by the name of Van Cheele, who is warned by a friend named Cunningham that there is a “wild beast” in his woods. ...

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“When Your World Falls Apart” by Anton Scheller | Narrated by David Cummings

malign_by_the_screaming_cat-d6hqnaq (1)

“When Your World Falls Apart” Author: Anton Scheller Narrator: David Cummings Sound Design: David Cummings Music Composition: David Cummings Post-Production: David Cummings Story © Anton Scheller Audio production © Creative Reason Media David Cummings narrates this tale by author Anton Scheller, about every parent’s worst nightmare: losing their child.  This tale follows Carol, a mother, who is coping with the ...

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“The Rake” by Bryan Somerville | Narrated by Luke Fischer


“The Rake” Author: Bryan Somerville Narrator: Luke Fischer Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Bryan Somerville Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Luke Fischer narrates this popular creepypasta tale by author Bryan Somerville, about a humanoid creature referred to as “The Rake,” whose reign of terrors spans centuries and several continents, as told from the perspective of ...

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“News From the Front” by Steven Long | Narrated by Emma Froh


“News From the Front” Author: Steven Long Narrator: Emma Froh Sound Design: Craig Groshek Post-Production: Craig Groshek Story © Steven Long Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Emma Froh narrates this tale by Steven Long, about a World War-era army wife who is left alone when her husband Paul is called to duty overseas.  In his absence, she grows afraid of the everyday ...

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