Evil Idol 2019 Voice Acting Competition

Contestant Profile

Evil Idol 2019 - Contestant Photo - Danielle Hewitt (cropped)

Danielle Hewitt

Contestant # 18

Current Status: ACTIVE

Danielle Hewitt is from a very small cow town in northern Massachusetts called Townsend. Don't blink you'll miss it. Our only claim to fame is the Danny LaPlante story, feel free to look it up its terrifying. She has now ventured and settled in to the actual armpit of Massachusetts with her two small children and elusive cat. Located in new Bedford MA, she is a graphic designer/digital printer by day and a voice narrator by night. Danielle started out her career interning in Hollywood, CA creating movie posters and DVD designs. She moved back home when some emergency family matters came up. She would love to move back but likes fall way too much to leave again. She is currently working on The Creepy Podcast and Tales to Terrify, and is looking for more! She records at night and any free time she can hide from her daughters. Who thought she'd end up sitting in her closet for hours at a time talking to herself. She has also had to explain herself to quite a few people because her daughter keeps telling daycare and teachers that "Momma hides in the closet and talks to herself. Sometimes she screams and cries." Or a new favorite: "Mommy comes out of the closet every night." Those make for interesting conversations.

Round 1 Performance

Written by N.M. Brown (a.k.a. BunnyB03)