Evil Idol 2019 Voice Acting Competition

Contestant Profile

Evil Idol 2019 - Contestant Photo - Greg Louis (cropped)

Greg Louis

Contestant # 36

Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Greg Louis is a 19-year-old film student currently residing in California. He began listening to creepypastas in elementary school and has been a huge horror fan ever since. "One of my earliest memories is listening to audio books with my mom on the way to school every morning," Greg says. "That, and I was practically addicted to Goosebumps, so creepypastas were the obvious next step for me. I remember discovering Chilling Tales for Dark Nights in 2013, and I've been a huge fan of their since then. I always thought it would be the coolest thing on the planet to read a story for the channel. When the first Evil Idol competition happened in 2016, I lost my mind with excitement, imagining I finally had a chance to mark reading a creepypasta on YouTube off my bucket list, but I felt my voice wasn't good enough, and I definitely didn't have a great mic, so even though I was up a wall with excitement, I waited. Years passed and I never forgot about it. In 2018, I commented on one of the first contestant's submissions that I would be applying this year and I'm glad to make that a reality. I love creepypastas with a passion, and I hope I can bring the same passion that kept me coming back when I was kid."

Round 1 Performance

Written by David Knoppel