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  1. just ask me on facebook chilling

  2. Eugene Kyle AKA Sir Eugene the Rogue

    These stories are great!!! I am a semi-professional story teller and re-enactor. I have been asked to come up with a Halloween themed storytelling event at our local community theatre. How do I get permission to use any of these stories? F.Y.I. It will be a fund raiser for the theatre; I won’t receive any money for it..Thank you in advance for your consideration;
    Eugene Kyle,AKA Sir Eugene the Rogue

  3. I am sorry for consistently re-uploading my story if I did. I did not fully understand the upload process, as it consistently redirected me. The name of the story is “Don’t Stay Up.”

  4. love this website!

  5. hello love what you guy/girls do :D

  6. Hi I love your youtube channel

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