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Before submitting your story, please read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES below.


Before you submit to our site, please keep the following in mind…

  • We are a business – we produce entertainment to make money, and for the enjoyment of it. 
  • We release just 8 stories per month – there are a lot of amazing stories out there, and we can only accept so many.
  • Submitting your does **NOT** guarantee acceptance or production of the story, or that it will be read, or that you will ever get anything other than an automated response. The best way to ensure your story gets read? Follow our guidelines (see below).
  • If your story violates our submission guidelines or violates copyrights, it will be rejected. If you fail to adhere to our rules more than once, we will blacklist you from submitting in the future.
  • You will be contacted personally if and only if we are interested in producing your story. Don’t submit expecting a personalized response. Remember: your story is one of 250+ we receive every month.
  • We receive more stories than we can read - If we don’t respond quickly, or at all, it doesn’t mean you or your story are terrible. Remember: an actual human being must stop everything they are doing to dedicate 15-35 minutes to read YOUR story.
  • We don’t do this for free only to help you make money or sell your book. Requests for commercial work or for stories to be produced for profit and not for display on our site/channel must be sent via email to business (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com.
  • Stories takes an average of 10-35 hours to produce. Jeff the Killer? 200+ hours. Think about that for a minute, before getting sassy with us. On average, our team spends more time producing adapting your story than you’ll have spent writing it. Show some respect. 
  • 95% of our talent have full-time day jobs apart from CTFDN. Be patient.


STEP 1 | Write and proofread your story for grammatical and punctuation errors, and to ensure the story does not violate our submission guidelines or infringe on copyrights

STEP 2 | Format your story as shown in this example: PDF | DOCX | RTF | ODT

STEP 3 | Attach your story to your email in an editable format, such as Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX), Rich Text (.RTF), OpenOffice (.ODT), or something similar


STEP 5 | Provide the following information at the top of the body of your email:

Author’s Full Name
Pen Name (if desired)
Story Title
E-mail Address
PayPal Email Address (if different)
Contact Phone Number:
Physical Address:

If Under the age of 18, the following information is required:
Name of Parent/Guardian:
Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number:
Parent/Guardian Physical Address:
Parent/Guardian E-mail Address

STEP 6 |  Add the following information to your email: (1) A short synopsis of your story, (2) A short biography, telling us a bit about yourself, and (3) a list of any and all social media and website URLs you would like us to share with fans of your work

STEP 7 | Email your story to submissions (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com

STEP 8 | Wait for a reply from our team either approving or rejecting your story


NOTIFICATION | If your story is selected for production, we will let you know and provide an estimated date for release. Due to the nature of our business, be aware that no promises can be made regarding the timeframes for production or the release of the story. If your story **MUST** be released by a particular date for personal or professional reasons, contact us at business (at) chillingtalesfordarknights (dot) com.

MULTIMEDIA RELEASE FORM | You will be provided via email with a Multimedia Release Form, which you will be asked to sign in order to grant Chilling Entertainment LLC (our company) the right to adapt your story into a narrated audio format with music and sound effects, and that will allow us to distribute and display the finished production commercially for our purposes, as well as display the full text of your story on our website for the purpose of reading along.

EDITING | If necessary, your story will be edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling and to correct other minor issues; none of these changes will change the plot or flow of the story itself.  Stories with major editing needed will be summarily rejected and returned to the author, and will not be accepted. Should rejection for this reason occur, you as the author retain the right to edit or modify the story and resubmit an improved copy at any time.  You will be provided with a revised copy of your story for your final approval prior to our beginning production.

PRODUCTION | Once editing is complete, the story will be added to our production calendar, and production will begin on your story according to a schedule of our choosing. The story will be cast and then acted out by one or more voice over artists, and then fully-produced, if necessary, with sound effects and music.

RELEASE | The story will then be published to our website in text form, and to our YouTube channel and eStore for viewing/listening and purchasing. The story will be available for purchase from the time it is finished on our website store, and will be scheduled for release for free listening on our YouTube channel for an upcoming date, which will be determined by us at our sole discretion. When the story is released, you will be notified via email with the URLs of the release.

COMPENSATION | At this time, we are what is called a “non-paying” market, and no financial compensation will be provided to you before, during, or after production of your story. In lieu of this, we will do everything in our power to promote you, your story, and any social media pages or websites where your work is featured. If you are selling eBooks or print books, we will make every effort to promote your products on the blog post for your story, as well as in the video description on YouTube. Keep in mind that full production of a story often takes 5-10x longer than the writing of the story itself, and that we are providing a service for you free-of-charge in exchange for commercial usage of your material, and that a service such as ours, if you were to hire someone commercially, could cost you anywhere from $300-$2500+ depending on the length of the story and the production required.  The revenue generated by the sale of our productions allows us to compensate our producers, narrators, editors and executive staff.

BENEFITS | Exposure. Additional traffic for your website or social media sites. Increased book and product sales, if you are promoting a product. Hundreds (or thousands) of positive comments and constructive feedback from fans. Professional, Hollywood-qualify vocal, music and sound effects production, which costs you absolutely nothing. The possibility of working with us in the future on a commissioned basis, for pay. The possibility of having your story or others you have written included in our print anthologies. The possibility of having your collections of stories, novel, or other books published with us via our company store in exchange for a revenue split (for more information on this, contact us).


By submitting any story to Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, you must acknowledge and understand that:

  • You must be the original author of the work being submitted and possess all rights to distribute it
  • Submission of your story does not guarantee publishing or production of that story.
  • Your story may be used to promote the website and its services in print, online, or in any other way the website deems fit,  including (but not limited to) featured articles in newspapers and/or magazines and news releases.
  • You will retain all rights to the story as the original author
  • The finished audio production of your story will be distributed and displayed commercially on our website and YouTube channel(s), as well as sold in our company store in MP3 format, for the purpose of generating revenue for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, with various types of ads displayed within or alongside the content, as determined by us
  • The text version of your story will be displayed in full on our website, and may or may not have banner ads displayed alongside it for the purpose of generating revenue for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, at our sole discretion
  • The resulting YouTube video and text posting of your story may attract sponsors, or we may solicit sponsors, that will pay to display advertisements in the video
  • The story will not be published in any additional for-profit print capacity, such as in a sponsored e-book or printed book, without your express written consent
  • No financial compensation will be provided to you for the usage of your story.
  • You will be credited fully for your story according to your wishes and the story will be published under a real or assumed name of your choice
  • Every effort will be made to link back to you and to any social media, personal, or professional websites associated with you and your work, at your discretion.


When determining whether or not to post a particular story that has been submitted, several factors are taken into consideration.

If a story suffers from any of the following initial problems, it will be rejected immediately:

  • Terrible spelling or grammar, other than for dramatic effect or to establish a character’s personality and upbringing
    Such issues distract from the plot and cause the reader to focus on correcting mistakes rather than on enjoying the story.  Bad spelling and grammar have ruined many an otherwise good story.  Sadly, we do not have the time to correct stories that suffer from these types of mistakes.  If you do not have the time to proof-read your story before submitting, please do not submit.  And if we reject your story on these grounds, don’t take it personally.
  • Excessive or unnecessary profanity
    Again, unless the brief and focused use of profanity or crude language is necessary to legitimately illustrate a character’s temperament or personality, it should not appear in stories published here. It is our opinion that such language is distracting and often detracts from otherwise good story lines.  When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Lack of punctuation or paragraphs
  • Not written in English
  • Entire story written in all capital letters
  • Written in parts
    It may work in television episodes or movies, but it doesn’t work for us here.  If your story is in parts, combine them together and send the entire thing at once.  If it is a great story and is too long to fully produce, we may feature it as text-only, or we may produce it as raw vocals, with no effects.  But if you send a partial story, the story will be rejected.
  • Blatantly unoriginal, plagiarized or rehashed content
    Generally speaking, we publish original material, and we value creativity and originality.  Stories rehashed from or based on other popular scary stories, or that feature popular characters such as Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, etc., will be summarily rejected on those grounds alone.  It is our opinion that these “fan-fic” style stories lessen the impact of the original stories that made the characters popular and reduce the appeal of the characters.
  • Abundance of pointless gore and/or shocking imagery for its own sake
  • Realistic/graphic depictions of abuse, torture, rape, suicide, murder, etc. with no connection to a moral and which do not further a plot, or that appear to be encouraging, glorifying, or promoting such behavior
    This is not scary. This is disturbing, and we will not publish or promote it.
  • Gratuitous and unnecessary sexual or pornographic scenes
    No exceptions. Many of our readers and listeners are in middle or high school.  Even if they were not, gratuitous depictions of nudity, sexual/pornographic scenes, or explicit sexual themes rarely improve a story and often detract from it.  If your story includes such content, we may reject it immediately, or we may ask you to revise the story to remove the offending scenes.

Beyond the above, we typically reject stories because they simply do not fit with our theme, or do not offer any chills or thrills.

Although we are quite capable of copy-editing a story and correcting grammatical and spelling errors, we do not offer editing services or writing advice.  If your story is rejected on the grounds that it violates one of the above guidelines, we are not obligated to (and will not) spell out every problem with the story, and we will not offer suggestions for specific changes.

There are many writing forums and websites that allow fledgling writers to share their first drafts with more experienced writers and get feedback and suggestions.  Do a bit of searching and you will undoubtedly find one that is right for you.

Thank you very much for your submission and for your interest in our service!


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    These stories are great!!! I am a semi-professional story teller and re-enactor. I have been asked to come up with a Halloween themed storytelling event at our local community theatre. How do I get permission to use any of these stories? F.Y.I. It will be a fund raiser for the theatre; I won’t receive any money for it..Thank you in advance for your consideration;
    Eugene Kyle,AKA Sir Eugene the Rogue

    • You’re taking a shortcut through the forest late at night, you pass a lamppost as you enter the dense forest having only a flashlight and a narrow path to guide you safely home. You see a grey sheet of paper crudely nailed to a tree but it’s too dark to see what’s been scrawled onto it. So you just continue along the path and try to find a way to pass the time, and that’s when you feel it. Someone’s following you, you dismiss that feeling as just being a bit spooked because of a few scary stories you’ve heard and continue at your average pace. Then your ears start ringing loudly nearly making you fall to your knees in pain. You don’t look behind you or over your shoulder all you can do is run as fast as your legs can carry you. You keep running your heart hammering in your chest and your lungs struggling to keep the air you’re inhaling while fleeing for your life. An icy chill lashes at your neck and that’s when you peek over your shoulder and see a black tendril reaching for you, trying to ensnare you and capture you. As you crane your head forward you crash into something and fall on your back dropping your flashlight, looking forward you see two tall and thin black trees. Looking higher up however you notice the seem of a suit and higher up buttons. You don’t want to look any further upward but you’re unable to stop yourself. The static assaults your ears again and this time you can feel your ears start to bleed. As you cup your bleeding ears a white and featureless face kneels to meet your terrified eyes. Everything goes black…….

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