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“Hunger” by William Dalphin | Narrated by Jeff Clement (feat. James Cleveland and Alicia Pavlis)


Jeff Clement narrates this tale, by author William Dalphin, about a psychologist who is having a slow day until his colleague calls him with a referral: a female named Amelia with a serious eating disorder. The psychologist welcomes the appointment, so he doesn’t much care for treating eating disorders, as he’ll take what he can get. When the patient arrives for ... Read More »

“Man-Eater” by Craig Groshek | Narrated by Jonathan Jones (animated and illustrated by MoonRaven)


Voiceover artist Jonathan Jones narrates this well-produced original tale from the mind of writer Craig Groshek, which centers on a farmer named Richard Mayes and his wife, who is about to give birth to a son.  From the beginning, they both know something is wrong, for the baby is growing exponentially and eating far more than is typical.  Once the ... Read More »