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“Stranded in Hell” by Steven C. Maher II | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“Stranded in Hell” Author: Steven C. Maher II Narrator: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © Steven C. Maher II Audio production © Chilling Entertainment, LLC Master Storyteller Otis Jiry tells a tale about a man and wife who find themselves seemingly stranded in hell.  Facing a difficult trial of survival, his wife succumbs to the evil and ... Read More »

“The Life in the Machine” by Unpatriotic | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“The Life in the Machine” Credited to: Unpatriotic Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Otis Jiry Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © Unpatriotic Master storyteller Otis Jiry relates this story of a computer programmer who decided to come up with a program which replicates a biosphere which grows to contain a civilization, and before long he ... Read More »

“The Baptism” by Micah Rodney | Narrated by Brendan Hurlbert


“The Baptism” Author: Micah Rodney Narrator: Brendan Hurlbert Sound Design: Neil Curschman Post-Production: Neil Curschman Music Production: Neil Curschman Story Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © Micah Rodney Sound Effects: SoundSnap (http://www.soundsnap.com) Brendan Hurlbert narrates this tale by author Micah Rodney, about the experience of a woman named Mary, as she recounts the events of the day their ... Read More »

“Final Memories” by Aaron Shotwell | Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt


“Final Memories” Author: Aaron Shotwell Narrator: Otis Jiry Sound Design: Otis Jiry Post-Production: Craig Groshek Artwork: Craig Groshek Story © Aaron Shotwell Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Otis Jiry narrates this story by prolific horror writer Aaron Shotwell, which is effectively Aaron’s take on the rise of the four horsemen of the Biblical apocalypse. In this epic tale, our unlucky protagonist details ... Read More »

“Swallow” by Mateo Hellion | Narrated by Mr. Creepypasta


In the dark corners of the earth, there are certain objects that carry curses with them.  They come in many forms.  In this particular story, an old chest is the object of interest.  When certain words are inscribed on this chest and then recited in its presence, strange things happen.  And when the chest happens to fall into the hands ... Read More »