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Be. Busta

Narrates scary stories on his YouTube channel. Fueling your nightmares with a smile.

Being Scared

Narrating true scary stories on YouTube, to scare the hell out of you. Home of the original Scary Stories Told In The Rain series.


I make scary story videos on YouTube and not much else.

Corpse Husband

I narrate scary stories, you get scared, and I guess some people like that.

Darkness Prevails

Darkness Prevails is a YouTube channel, operated by narrator Brenden Dean, that features readings of scary stories, creepy true tales, and lists on everything horror.

Doctor Horror

True horror stories, unsolved mysteries, paranormal tales, and creepypasta readings.

Don’t Turn Around

Free creepy texting stories 24/7, updated weekly.

Dr. Creepen

Story teller and creepypasta narrator as of December, 2015.

G.M. Danielson

Voice actor at "G.M. Danielson's Horror Vault," author, musician, host of The Simply Scary Podcast.


Creates YouTube videos of real, scary, and disturbing stories/experiences found on Reddit or some other place on the internet.

Lady MCreepsta

Lady MCreepsta narrates her favorite creepypastas.

Let’s Read

Includes readings from all variations and genres of writing, primarily Science Fiction and Horror / Creepypastas


Host of "The Scarecast" on iTunes!

Mortis Media

Horror narrator on YouTube, time-eater, poi enthusiast, Pokémon fanatic, and piano noob.

Mr. Nightmare

Makes videos that usually consist of true horror stories with themes that viewers may find relatable in their everyday lives.

Unit #522

I'm UNIT 522 (aka Uncle UNIT), and I narrate & produce scary stories and creepypastas.