I recommended your channel to some of my friends and they subscribed, too. We are having a lot of fun listening to your creepy stories. You are really good and you deserve more subscribers.

- boretyy

Allen Featherstone
Great podcast! Keep up the awesome work!

Alice Cutter
There are so many good channels out there, but Chilling Tales always, always, always gives the best quality!

Michael Martin
I love this channel! These stories are really intense.

Connor McNamara
I love getting into work and seeing a new video posted. I know that at least I'll have an hour and twenty minutes of happiness today.

Ellie Coral
I'm just writing to say that your stories as narrated by Otis Jiry helped me out a lot recently. The past couple of days have been terrible for me, and in the absolute worst moments, I put on your videos. Even if the words didn't mean anything through my pain and fog, just hearing the sound of Mr. Jiry's voice calmed me. It was like having a tireless, loving grandfather read me stories.

I listen to these guys every night as I go to sleep with the light off and my laptop blasting with Chilling Tales! I am obsessed! Please don't stop!

Amazingly scary! I subscribed! Well done!

Michael Hernandez
I just want to let you guys know that I've been listening to your stories for months, and I just want to give my compliments to everyone. I love your scary stories!

Marshall Arts
Wow, such amazing voice talent.  And use of sound as well!  It's difficult to find this level of love and care put into creepypasta readings.  Obviously lots of work. Best of luck to you, guys.  Definitely earned another sub!

This channel is too addictive. Went from "just one story before bed" to "just one more before I have to get up."

This is some great stuff. You guys really deserve to be more popular!

CjRaptor Z
What I like about you guys is that you don't rely on gimmicky scary pictures to make your videos creepy - you use your talented narration skills. Well done.

The stories, the narration, the twists, the music, these stories are utterly perfect! I cannot thank this channel enough!

Alexander Evensen
Awesome channel! I love a good old horror story.

I really admire the atmosphere. You really capture the emotion like no one else does. Good job, guys!

Mckayla Herrera
I love this channel!

Sabina Marie
I absolutely love waking up and seeing a new scary story update from you guys! Thank you for sharing these amazing tales with us! Please, never stop doing what you do! Love you, CTFDN!

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Nothing better than laying in bed with all lights off at night listening to an episode of Chilling Tales: The Podcast, one of the best horror podcasts around!

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Keep up the good job! Your stories always keep me on the edge of my seat. Love and support!

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I just found out about your channel and, might I say, how awesome and creepy your stories are! I really enjoy them!

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Well, I'm hooked on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!

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This channel is the best one yet... by far!

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Love this channel! I've heard every story faster than you supply them...me thinks I shall have a go at writing one myself!

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I just wanted to say that CTFDN is the reason I can survive the hours-long drive to and from work (two hours driving every day gets really tedious, especially when stuck in traffic)! Work goes much faster now!

I love this! I have gotten a few of my colleagues to check it out. They also love it. Great work!

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I suffer from bipolar and anxiety, and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights' stories help me lose the world for a little while and get some much needed sleep. There is not a night that goes by that I don't listen to one of their productions.

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You guys have inspired me to continue writing stories. Before, people told to stop because it was weird. But now, I have learned to ignore them and now, I have began to feel more like my old self. Thank you!

Susan Guillory
Love this podcast! I'm not really a podcast person but my husband is. He has me hooked on it! Love the stories and the narration! Keep up the good work!

Honestly, mate, you are bloody fantastic! Keep this up. By the way, you deserve more subscribers and views!  

John Marston
Y'all are the best on YouTube of all time!

I seriously love this channel so much! The readers and the stories they tell are fantastic! I've got my whole group of friends into listening as well. We all gathered at my house on Halloween night and listened to the podcast (that's how I got them hooked, by the way). We had a blast! I even think one of my friends couldn't sleep when she left for home!

Max Monte
Great stories!

K.E. Moore (Author)
Unlike other sites I've submitted stories to, I have been a massive fan of CTFDN for some time. That is to say, I'll put your Nightmare Fuel playlist on my phone and listen to that as I go to sleep. When I met my girlfriend, who is as into scary stories as much as I am, one of the first things I showed her is your channel, and we go to sleep to the many stories you have on your site. So, finally getting a story accepted by your site is on par with the cliche of having a dream come true. I am a physicist by trade, but the dream for me is to get paid as a writer. All of this to say that this opportunity and what I hope will develop into a relationship is beyond anything I hoped would actually come to pass. I thank you for everything. I am incredibly honored by your acceptance of my story. Thank you.

These guys really put a lot of work into everything. It is really quite amazing!

Burke Herrick
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights really are the best! Thanks for all the entertainment throughout the years!

Ashley Rose Wellman (author)
Thanks so much for featuring my story on your site! It's such an awesome website/YouTube channel, and in the past few days, I've been discovering tons of great new stories because of it. So, thank you!

Eriz A. Frost
Your stories keep me on the edge of my chair to the very end. I have nothing but praises to say. You guys are amazing.

G. Preeb
The narrations posted on the channel are about the best one would find.

Coy Truman
I love your videos. My wife showed one to me and now I'm hooked. It's clear yours is the go-to channel for horror stories, keep it up!

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I'm hooked on these stories! They make my work day go by so much easier. I drive a truck for a living, so I just listen to these stories while I drive. They are my new addiction! Thank you for posting them!

Danny Jones
I am older, but I can really dig this stuff you guys are doing! I love it!

Keoke Tautua Alofaituli
If only I could give Chilling Tales for Dark Nights a higher rating, I would! They are simply the best in horror storytelling available! Their actors bring the words to life!

Kristin Dziedzic
Thanks for the nightmares, CTFDN! Keep 'em coming!

New fan here. Y'all have become a must-listen every week!

Frances Haypenny
You gentlemen are reviving a lost art, a great art form that stirs the imagination like no other. New generations can experience what it was like to huddle close to the radio and be mesmerized because of all your hard work and loving dedication to the genre. Thank you all so much and I hope this takes off like gangbusters.

The Brothers Griess
Just discovered this amazing podcast! We dream to be featured someday!

Victor Kyle Chavez
Definitely has been an experience! Been listening to y'all since high school!

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Thank you for providing some of the best horror narrations I've come across. It's a great honour to be featured on your website and channel! Keep up the great work! You guys rock!

I love your long, emotional, good quality, horror stories. It makes the night seem to last longer, and the lamps a little dimmer. Nothing beats a long, dark night filled with fear and dread that makes you laugh at your own irrational and childish fears after the sun rises.

An extra applause for those who made the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights channel happen! I'm talking about the little man and those who contributed to the channel by e-mailing stories and song scripts! I love you all so much!