I like the narrations.

- Anna Lunak

Wow! You guys are so awesome!

Just wanted to say I love your channel!

Young Link
CTFDN is one of those underrated gem channels.

Jo An Riddle
Great stuff! I listen to one of your stories before bed every night!

Not the biggest channel, but definitely the best!

Honestly, mate, you are bloody fantastic! Keep this up. By the way, you deserve more subscribers and views!  

Ray P.
All of your narrators are amazing, and I wish you guys got the recognition you deserve!

Nanna Stahlschmidt
I just want to thank you for the awesome stories you post. I practice drawing a lot, and listening to these stories makes it more relaxing.

Jesse Heddinger
It's a shame you guys aren't way bigger on YouTube, you deserve it. Best quality stories out there, many originals, great, great voice acting.

Wilber Ramirez
I absolutely love your channel! If you guys notice, I like and comment on most of your vids. I'm a dedicated fan! Remember me when you guys hit that million!

Timothy Sittler
Thank you for bringing back old time radio! Beautiful work! Reminds me of radio mystery theater! Again, great job! Keep up the wonderful work!

Fleur Willis
Your channel has helped me through some truly tough times and would like to give something back to the channel that helped me cope. I have suffered from anorexia since I was 11 and when I was hospitalized at 16, your stories made my day that bit brighter.

Great podcast! Right up there with the NoSleep Podcast!

Joshua Hood (Author)
CTFDN supports those in need, and that is why I like them. Most enterprises, especially growing ones, would be afraid to ask their fan base for money without trying to extort or cajole it, but the CTFDN team is always trying to help others out. Just goes to show you how awesome the horror community is. There's more humanity in an organization based on scaring and disturbing people than in so many other parts of the world that claim high-minded ideas. This is why I stick to small press and indie stuff.

I recommended your channel to some of my friends and they subscribed, too. We are having a lot of fun listening to your creepy stories. You are really good and you deserve more subscribers.

I recently discovered your channel over the past couple days, and I must say I love it! I love this this channel over others because you actually use multiple voice actors and include sounds.

It's a shame you guys don't have more exposure and better support. You certainly deserve it! You don't just read stories, you have entire production. The quality that you put out is far above other smaller channels!

Jeice Alexander
This is my kind of stuff right here. Being a writer, I admire good storytelling skills. Your productions are very enjoyable with replay value. I recommend to others to subscribe!

Thank you for consistently posting stories that are better written and spookier/creepier/scarier than any other channel on YouTube.

Gabriel Vergolino Eleres
Guys, seriously, why don't you have more susbcribers? You guys really deserve it! You're better than most of the creepypasta YouTubers!

Cessna 182a
All of the narrations and stories on this channel are great! One of Otis's narrations got me hooked about 6 months ago. Good stuff, very professional compared to some creepy pasta narrators out there.

I'm so addicted to these stories ! Great YouTube channel!

I want to say that I love your YouTube channel! You guys are awesome, and thanks for the scares and sleepless nights. Really, you guys are great! Can't wait for more awesome stories!

I really enjoy the narration on the stories. It reminds me of my husband telling stories to our daughter. I just found this channel, and I'm in love with it! Great job with the stories and the voice actors!

Shakeem Siler
You guys just keep getting better and better! You deserve every subscriber you get. I hope you reach over a million!

CjRaptor Z
What I like about you guys is that you don't rely on gimmicky scary pictures to make your videos creepy - you use your talented narration skills. Well done.

Ilia Sisel
I love this channel! It knows how to scare!

Milder Ibanez
I love this channel!

Katie Mullaly (Author for The Buzz)
I just perused your website - it is fantastic!  I added it to my toolbar because I will need to make multiple visits.

Scott Weinberg
Horror fans should check out Chilling Tales: The Podcast! Solid horror stories, very well-produced!

Riley Monaghan
You are my #1 channel!

The stories, the narration, the twists, the music, these stories are utterly perfect! I cannot thank this channel enough!

Matt Timmerman
Simply love the stories! I love everything about the show! Thank you for the amazing art work as well! Truly a fan.

Holy crap, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is amazing!

David Ocasio
You guys are better then cable!

Seán Coogan
The Chilling Tales for Dark Nights YouTube channel restored my love for horror, and the overall quality of their podcast is incredible!

Natali Villanueva
Your work is amazing! I get chills when you tell stories! They are truly amazing..

Patrick Holensaber
A few days ago I asked in the comments how Otis Jiry was holding up, and got a response from him! It was like Morgan Freeman just responded to my post! It was legendary, and I almost cried, it was so majestic. Otis is really the reason I subscribed. I personally think this channel is made amazing by Mr. Jiry. I saw a comment earlier that said, "you guys are better than cable." This is better than YouTube, better than popcorn, better than adorable kitten videos, better than the legendary Morgan Freeman himself!

Jonathan Davis
I'm hooked on these stories! They make my work day go by so much easier. I drive a truck for a living, so I just listen to these stories while I drive. They are my new addiction! Thank you for posting them!

Tatianna Stoesz
I can't help but love Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, especially since you can tell the amount of work that's gone into every story.

Wow! By far one of the scariest podcasts ever!

Jon Cross
I honestly haven't found another quality channel like this one at all. Great job!

Just wanted to say "nice work" on the stories. I enjoy horror and scaring people with the stories I create, and just wanted to tell you "good job" with the Chilling site.

Kyle Fenner
I am astounded by the amount of quality and the depth of the editing in every one of Chilling Tales for Dark Nights' stories.

Priscilla Duarte
Absolutely love this channel! Greetings from sunny California!

Daisy Bernal
I always watch your scary stories at night. They're the best!

New fan here. Y'all have become a must-listen every week!

Christopher Patrick
Hearing all these great stories just makes me feel a lot better. I can't wait to hear see what comes up next month. Keep up the great work.

WOW! Your stories are amazing, guys, and what I mean by "amazing" is creepy and interesting. Once I start listening to the story, I can't stop listening to it. Great work, guys!

Beth Young
I suffer from bipolar and anxiety, and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights' stories help me lose the world for a little while and get some much needed sleep. There is not a night that goes by that I don't listen to one of their productions.