Evil Idol 2018 Voice Acting Competition


Grax Bishop

Contestant # 1 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Grax Bishop has been active on the Internet since the early 2000s. He has produced vlogs and other video content for his YouTube channels and has produced podcasts on topics including The Power Rangers. Now, in his recording studio in Oxfordshire UK, Grax has his sights on horror story narration and voice acting. He is putting in 110% to bring these stories to life.

June Yoon

Contestant # 2 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

June Yoon is a voice actor, musician, father of two boys, husband, and a former high school drama teacher. Born and raised in South Korea, he grew up enjoying scary stories and going on nighttime expeditions of abandoned houses with his friends. Working out of his home studio in Long Beach, California, he spends his days providing voice over services in English and Korean to clients all over the world. June aspires to become a voice actor in anime and animation.

Angel VanScoik

Contestant # 3 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Angel VanScoik is a high-schooler from the Philippines who always had fun telling and reading stories for himself and others. "I saw this contest advertised on Reddit," VanScoik says, "and I thought it would be a great way to truly practice my delivery but also expand what little audience I have for when I get into a schedule of readings on my YouTube channel. There I play a character that I've been writing for a long time by the name of Lawleious, a former deity who spends his self-imposed exile collecting and sharing forbidden knowledge with whoever may listen."

Krystal Hall

Contestant # 4 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Krystal Hall is a Rhode Island-based actor (home of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P Lovecraft). She has been working for nine years in various forms of the media arts. Hall is a self-professed lover of all things nerdy, creepy, and the "actual" color purple. "I first got involved with acting at the age of 5," Hall says, "where my older sibling brought me to a multitude of auditions, rehearsals and performances. I've been involved in the arts ever since, from singing and dancing, to photography and painting. I have performed in over thirty different projects including film, theatre, web, animation, and video gaming." Hall is proud to be an Edge Certified Voice Actor.

Ian Bryan

Contestant # 5 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Ian Bryan is a 33-year-old old resident of the Minnesota Twin Cities area, Where he lives with his two dogs, Tali'Zorah and Wrex, and works as a drafter. He spends his free-time playing with his dogs, gaming and working on his house. He has been a long-time fan of horror, having grown up loving television programs such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, and Outer Limits.

James Croft

Contestant # 6 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

James Croft was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, but has been living in Melbourne for the last 20 years. By day he's a graphic designer and sign-writer, both of which he's been doing for a number of years. "I had never considered doing voice acting or voice overs until fairly recently," Croft says. "However, as a child, my father was a pilot and air traffic controller, while my mother was a court reporter. My step-mother was an audiologist. So I was influenced from the very beginning, and raised to speak clearly and with correct enunciation." As a teenager, Croft was a radio announcer on community radio. Later he went to radio school and worked as a spruiker in shopping centers. Then, over 20 years ago now, he moved to Melbourne to take a role as an air traffic controller. "I always seemed to fall into positions where, for hours upon hours every day, my voice was important," Croft continues. "But I never considered its importance. Then, one day, I took a different path and left it all behind. Until recently, it was like an itch I couldn’t scratch." In Mid 2018, Croft performed minor voice over roles for a handful of clients. Before long, he found himself doing numerous voice over and voice acting recordings nightly. By the end of the first week he had invested in a quality microphone and fitted out a section of his house with soundproofing. These days, he is the narrator for several YouTube channels, performs roles in various web series, and provides voices for characters in a couple of games and countless other works. "It feels like coming home," Croft adds.

Jake McCarthy

Contestant # 7 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Jake McCarthy is an amateur voice actor born in Britain, whose hobbies include playing guitar, boxing, parkour and singing.

Justine Anastasia

Contestant # 8 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R3)

Justine Anastasia was raised in the Northeast, an area that ghosts have called home for centuries. As a small child, her mother would tuck her in with bedtime stories that featured children kept in basements and inhuman babies. She grew up with classics like The Gate and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight. At a young age, she was scarred psychologically by the movie Pet Sematary (and believes it isn't any less traumatizing as an adult). Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of the single most influential elements on her life. Her favorite Survivor Girls include Laurie Strode and Ellen Ripley for sheer "badassery." She is hoping that she will be successful enough in the 2018 Evil Idol competition to justify the start of a YouTube channel and more time spent putting everything she has into horror and telling a good story.

Megan Kerstetter

Contestant # 9 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Megan Kerstetter is a cartoonist and illustrator with a passion for all thing’s imaginative and extraordinary. She has a wide range of interest when it comes to art, from illustration and comics, to 3D modeling and animation. A fan of the creepy-pasta genre for roughly the past three years, she is now trying her hand at narrating some spine chilling tales herself. “I’ve always had a soft spot for horror, even though I am often the most scared when it comes to viewing it’s content. Since I was young, I’ve had a fascination with the urban legends and the supernatural. I grew up reading the Michigan & American Chiller series by Johnathan Rand as well as stories by Bruce Coville. As I got older my father introduced me to Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and Steven King movies; there was a dabble of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ in there as well. Eventually I found shows like Supernatural, and of course in college the big thing was to watch horror films with my roommates. It was during the middle of college I found the horror narrations genre on YouTube; Chilling Tales being one of the first I played consistently, along with CreepsMcPasta and many other channels in a similar vein. The stories were great to listen to while working on assignments - they’re still great to listen to now – and I’m really happy to be adding my voice to the narration community!” If you are interested in Megan’s art as well as her start in narration and voice over, you can go to her main channel under the name, “Megan Kerstetter” as well as a new channel she’ll soon be launching called Prompts & Pasta’s where she will perform narrations under the pseudonym of Crescent Hollow.


Contestant # 10 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R2)

Nathan, otherwise known on YouTube as Natenator77, is a voice actor from Newcastle, Australia. He has been immersed in the creepypasta and horror communities since 2012. Since then, he has narrated over 350 unique and terrifying tales. He does his best to select stories that he believes are firmly rooted in the spirit of what made creepypasta so special in the first place, stories that, despite the audience's knowledge that they're fictional, suspend disbelief and re-instill that childlike fear of the dark we had gotten over years ago. To put on a performance that draws listeners in and forces them to hang onto every word is what he strives for. Nowadays, he can be found working in the post-production side of the film industry in Sydney, while continuing to narrate creeepypastas as a hobby. The things that he loves more than anything are food, anime, music, video games and movies!

Andrew Christian

Contestant # 11 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Andrew Christian is a 35-year-old computer tech from Texas. As he was earning his degree in computer science he found he had a passion for the arts. While working in the computer field Andrew began moonlighting as a character at several local Renaissance fairs. Being pretty anxious he never pursued any on stage roles, but a chance encounter at a cartoon fan event put him behind the microphone.

Seth Paul

Contestant # 12 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Seth was born in Maryland, but has called Michigan and the Midwest home for most of his life. He was married in 2015 and has his hands full with fraternal twin boys, but he still finds time to do...well, other things. He tries to divide his professional time between his regular job as well as writing and voice acting. He has recorded a handful of books for other authors, was the voice of Zak McKracken in the Visionaire Studio' fan sequel Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space (as well as a potential role in their upcoming video game Oak Island), and is the creator of the One Man Band (a MST/Rifftrax-style project that has been sproadically active since 2009). He has also written a lot (mostly unpublished), but has appeared in the Great Lakes Anthology of Horror Writers, wrote "Camper Appreciation," which was produced by Chilling Tales, and has a more comedically-themed novella, "Jack Alan and the Case of the Not-Exactly Rocket Scientists" as well as its upcoming sequels. While his genre interests vary wildly, Seth has a great love for both comedy and horror (sometimes together). His interest in horror has been around forever, thanks to an older brother who often showed him movies way older than he had any reason to watch. Thankfully, writing, role-playing sessions, and (relatively bad) art have been fine outlets to channel the horrors of watching Stephen Rea ripping his face off in Company of Wolves. As far as writing influences, the British in general have done a lot, but in particular he cites Roald Dahl, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett as influences, but loves reading a Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child novel as much as the next person.

Adam Woolley

Contestant # 13 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R2)

Adam Woolley was born and raised in southern California, acting in high school plays and musicals, then studying film and video in college working briefly as a video editor. He has since found his passion as a voice over artist and has been working at the craft since early 2017 dabbling in video games, animations, and commercials. He now resides in Boise, Idaho as a retail manager. His passions are cartoons, movies, and his favorite ride at Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion.

Deanna Cagle

Contestant # 14 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R2)

Deanna "PrettyDCayed" Cagle is 27 years old, born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, just 15 minutes from Denver. "As far back as I can remember, I’ve been performing in one facet or another," Cagle says. "I started singing at the age of 7 and participated in many choirs and theater performances throughout my early years. When I came of age, I studied graphic and web design in college, however, I didn’t get to finish my degree and fulfill that creative desire." Cagle now works as a nursing assistant and is currently enrolled in a radiology program at Red Rocks Community College. She also creates creepy content on YouTube as a hobby, and would someday like to pursue it full-time, hoping one day it will open up other creative avenues, such as Evil Idol, which she's always dreamed of.

Max Kane

Contestant # 15 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Max Kane is currently 20 years old and studying Drama & Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He was born and raised in Ireland, and is looking to continue towards working as an actor after finishing college. A self-proclaimed former wuss, Max was always the easiest person to scare. As a child, he was terrified of the tamest movies, even "E.T.". But now, he cherishes horror. He loves reading horror stories while imagining the words on the paper as voices. So he hopes to achieve that with this competition, and to put any money he gains from this towards his degree. He has done previous acting work for film and TV, won medals from the Leinster School of Speech and Drama, and has done theatre with DU Players, Gaiety School of Acting, and Giant Wolf Theatre (for whom he is the Welfare Officer).

Derek T. Hawke

Contestant # 16 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Derek T. Hawke loves old school science fiction, cheerful horror, and dark fairy tales. You can find dozen of his stories on YouTube under his writer’s tag KillaHawke1. He lives outside of Austin Texas, where he does whatever it takes to keep cool, evade the biggest mosquitoes ever to have flapped their wings on God’s green Earth (they love him because apparently he’s delicious), and be a menace to the closed-minded. When he is not experimenting in terror, he spends his spare time writing, creating graphic arts for various projects, and providing narrations for various YouTube channels.

The Crow Flies

Contestant # 17 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

The Crow Flies is a 36-year-old man born and raised in Michigan, where he grew up watching horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and various other horror classics from the 80's. With a deep interest in all things creepy and having many of his own creepy experiences growing up, his love of horror and the paranormal only grew with age. Though he is fairly new to narrating, he has always loved voice acting, impersonations and reading aloud to people, and decided to take these passions to YouTube and start performing stories for others to enjoy as much as he enjoys reciting them.

Jesse Brown

Contestant # 18 | Current Status: 2018 EVIL IDOL CHAMPION

Jesse Brown is a 22-year-old old lover of horor, who by day is a quality control technician, and by night narrates under the alias, The Voice of Insanity. "I think if I look back on my life," Brown says, "the biggest reason why I got into horror would be my dad. Even when I was just a little kid, he would find something horror-esque to get me into. It started out with science-fiction (which I am to this day a huge fan of) which then kind of rolled into 'kid-friendly' horror like Goosebumps, and then that eventually turned into Tales from the Crypt and Creep Show. As for what got me into narration, well that's easy. I love stories - and I love telling them. Whether it be written or spoken, I love taking ideas and turning them into stories that people can enjoy over and over. Now throw all that together, and that's what brings me to this competition. I aim to give the audience my very best, and I hope to bring them stories that chill them to the bone."


Contestant # 19 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R2)

Like many kids of her generation, Zorayda's first experience with horror fiction was Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy. She still owns a hardback copy of the original edition. She loves surrealism and gothic horror tropes (original and Southern versions). Her favorite horror movies are Psycho, Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, and the original version of The Haunting.

Myles Catania

Contestant # 20 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R3)

Myles Catania is currently an aspiring voice actor. "I’ve always had a knack for getting into character with the use of my voice," Myles says, "and recently decided to attempt to pursue that line of work in a more professional capacity. In the recent past I’ve had some roles in fan dubs, and have also worked on doing book narration for practice. Those books include some exceptionally spooky tales from H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, which falls nicely into line with the theme of Evil Idol 2018, so I’m looking forward to seeing how my reading will be received by a larger audience!"

Theo Murray

Contestant # 21 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R2)

Theo Murray is a Sydney-based University student spending more contact hours on performance than his subjects. He's been a cast-member or director of five revues, played leading roles in original comedic musicals such as Holt!, the Musical, Cats [by People Who Have Never Seen Cats], and Musical of Thrones, has been a two-time Manning Theatresports Cup finalist, hosted a radio show, and was in multiple Sydney University Dramatic Society productions, one of which had him as the voice of Satan in a summoning ritual. Right now he's the regular narrator on an original comedy radio-play, The Derryn Hinch Justice League, and is creating two original shows for the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival. Through this barrage at his local performance scene, he's become known for his distinctive voice and now intends to spread it worldwide.

Dayjan Lesmond

Contestant # 22 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R3)

Dayjan Lesmond is a Toronto-based actor that enjoys classical singing and cartoon t-shirts.

Darkness Tales

Contestant # 23 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Darkness Tales is a voice actor born and raised in Texas. "Growing up," he says, "I always had a fascination with horror. We definitely have plenty of it around here!" He first discovered Creepypastas in 2012, and admits he has been obsessed ever since. "In middle and high school I participated in Pros and Poetry," he goes on to say, "so I thought that may be able to carry over into the horror genre. In 2015 I finally decided I wanted to give patrons the shivers just as so many voice actors have done for me. I have steadily grown on YouTube since I started really putting effort into it during 2016, and I'm looking forward to the future!"

Lady MCreepsta

Contestant # 24 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R3)

Lady MCreepsta has been a long time fan of the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights podcast which reaches far beyond the Earth realm, and into her own. Her realm is much like Earth's but a little darker. Her age is unknown, though it's been said that she is eons old, in Earth years. She enjoys a good horror story in any platform, be it audio, book or film. She also loves to entertain and looks forward to visitors to her realm and castle every week.

C.M. Solnero

Contestant # 25 | Current Status: ELIMINATED (R1)

Christopher Mason Solnero's love for the macabre came at the early age of 13. After reading his first horror novel "Ushers Passing" by Robert McCammon, he was immediately hooked. Ever since then he the mark has been left upon him, and he has been an avid reader of horror fiction. He is a huge fan of Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker, to name just a few. Thus began his career in the World of horror. C.M. shares a love for music and the arts, as well as film. Whether it was singing in garage bands in his teens, or creating his dark sculptures, paintings and photographs, he has spent the majority of his adult life experimenting with his passions. Now he is entering into a new chapter of his life with voiceover.